Far Cry 5 HELP

I just bought Far Cry 5 and Infinity shows it in my games but doesn’t show me any of the mod options which I know there is so whats going on! I reinstalled Infinity and still the same thing… HELP PLEASE!

Upon starting it says and i quote “Far Cry 5 requires special file patching to use cheats, but we were unable to patch your game. Please close the game if you have it open. Otherwise you maybe running an unsupported version.”

Same here. I reinstalled Infinity but still no luck.
The new update isn’t linking to FC5 for some reason.

Did you buy it from UPLAY or Steam?

The last update fix the unshow “Option” but in FC5, i had :

I purchased my copy from Uplay. The cheats were working fine until the last update to Infinity.

I got it from UPLAY.

It is made for the steam version. Until the trainer or Infinity is updated it will not work.

Uplay too :confused:

Hope this will no take long time

Thank you Chris :heart_eyes:

Thank you. Please let us know.

Hey Chris so I stopped getting the error message but now its saying that its having trouble loading the mods. If you can get back to me ASAP that would be great. and thank you for helping us out.

Hello guys,

some news about the uplay version ?

It don’t work for me …

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