Far cry 5 special patch problems

Whenever I try to use cheats on far cry 5 , it says it requires special file patching in order for the cheats to work. Anyone know what that means? I bought the game on steam by the way.

Ya read the far cry 5 thread. It needs to patch the eac files.


@SpefialShot213 what @ptondo said, you will have to patch / remove the eac files. That is the only way the trainer and options will function properly.

Ohhhh thank u

@SpefialShot213 your welcome.

He could you explain how to get to the place where I delete the files? Please?

@SpefialShot213 Did you get far cry 5 through steam or directly via uplay?

Steam directly

@SpefialShot213 anyway you could post a screenshot of the error you are getting? I would like to see if there is anything that is out of whack.

I’m on iPad, how do I upload the pic?
I’m relatively new

@SpefialShot213 https://www.imore.com/screenshot-ipad

Then what you would do is upload the image to imgur and then give the hyperlink / url for the image.

@SpefialShot213 did you check to see if infinity had any updates?


@SpefialShot213 did the trainer work for you before?

I just got the game today, but yes it has worked with other games before

@SpefialShot213 check this out and see if it helps: Far Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer

I tried that before. I still haven’t seen anything that would help me

@SpefialShot213 Did you try to delete the eac from the far cry 5 folder inside your main directory?