Far Cry 6 Cheats and Trainer

This discussion topic is for Far Cry 6 cheats. Post here if you have any questions/issues!


You guys are super fast thank you so much!!!

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i dont see no trainer…

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i wish there will be a max exp cheat

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Thank you, love it!

Ya’ll never disappoint which is why I’ll always support you!

so no anti-cheat system or sth similar that could get us in trouble like FC5 used to have at the start?

well this is kinda broken when i started a new game it all crashed and my pc wallpaper got all glitched fix that pls

ulimited stamina, no reload super accuracy, supremo no cooldown not working


Ignore Crafting Requirements for Camp Facilities and upgrading them not working. But I think it might be different cause it’s under ‘Camp Resources’

wow you work fast nice job ill have to try it out later

Of cores first of all thanks for making the cheats so fast but now to some problems i found
Through testing i have found that Guns such as the “Discos locos” and “Pyrotechno” (possibly more) get broken by the “No Reload” hack if possible i would liked to see it get fixed in the future
Anyway have a good one

Is there something planned for unlimited Moneda thats another currency.

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No. That is a server-sided currency earned through multiplayer and co-op. Trainers are not for cheating online modes or elements at all, no matter where you get them from.

supremo no cooldown not working when you turn it on it just turns off immediately

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Since the new options, a bunch just turn off without me doing anything.

Why do they add 2 server sided in a singleplayer game they already have the usual far cry gold in the store, it wouldnt suprise me if the regular money also becomes server sided at some point.

trainers like these make me love wemod subscription​:+1::+1::+1:

So i just started playing and I wasn’t going to use most of the cheats just some but I noticed that the super accuracy one turns on then turns back off everytime. Just and FYI.

money (yaran pesos) cheat dues not seem to work. just me?