Far Cry New Dawn Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

could you add this as note behind the cheat? i thought it was broken too.

is there a way to make the companions health higher? perhaps freeze the “bleed out” timer?

big sad god mode stopped working for me

God mode is swithing off when you retake outposts and two options is mising infinite throwing items and infinite rockets so you won’t shoot too long from a helicopter

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Yeah, I’ve been experiencing the same thing. Not sure if it turns off or what but it never reactivates when I turn it off then back on again.

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а можете ссылочку дать на трейнер а то я не могу найти трейнер на Far cry new dawn

Hey guys,

First off, thanks for all your hard work on these mods and Stingerr, awesome job on Far Cry New Dawn! I know it depends on how many people are inquiring about a mod for it to kick into an update request, but I was wondering if you could add the teleport to Waypoint. I see it was inquired about a few times in the post history and just wondered why it didn’t make the cut the first go around. Thanks again guys for everything!

Great work on the cheats STiNGERR, I’m playing on PC and since the last wemod update all the GFH’s NPC and bad guys are stuck in a reloading cycle. It does make the game easy as no one shoots at me because they’re too busy reloading endlessly.
I’ve tested this by turning wemod off and everything is normal, turn wemod back on and the endless reloading resumes Thanks for any advice, cheers

Please update the cheats on this game.
they are not working.