FATXplorer v2.5 Released!

I just released a major update to my device explorer application: FATXplorer. This new update brings many new exciting features to the table that members of XboxMB will surely enjoy.

I will only highlight a few of the major new features here to grab your attention. :wink:

First major feature is the new Windows Integration. Unlike previous versions, FATXplorer can integrate your device into Windows as a disk. You can then browse it like a normal flash drive! This makes it easier than ever to explore and edit your files.

Here are a few pictures of Windows Integration:

Another awesome feature is the new USB formatter. It will let you bypass the 32 GB limit! It’s so much easier to set up a USB drive compared to an internal hard-disk, so this is sure to please those who have a JTAG/RGH.

Here are a few pictures of USB formatting and the results:

The last feature I will highlight here is the new Content View. This awesome tool shows you all of your Xbox 360 content in a nice list. It’s very fast and allows a stunning amount of customizations.

Here is a picture of the Content View:

FATXplorer has come a long way since it’s creation about 3 years ago. I urge you all to take a look at it as soon as your time allows. I doubt you will be disappointed!

Official Release Announcement

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bought diamond but i didnt get it
:laughing:;)< 3>.<:thumbsup:

When you purchase Diamond, you do not receive this.
FATXplorer is separate program made by Eaton.

Whole different program, man.

:smirk::worried:< 3:P:lol::thumbsup:>.<

Nice work Eaton


Great release, happy I got it ages ago. Can’t wait to see what else is added.

Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

Looks awesome, too bad I can’t use it haha.
Great job man!

Amazing job Eaton.

Keep up all the good work.

Good job. Love the way its laid out.

I’m glad I bought the program when it first came out.

EDIT: I like the X-Mas theme.

This program looks excellent and I doubt there is anything out there that matches it in terms of performance or quality. The windows integration and other cool features are nice too. I don’t think for $30 that it’s worth it for me, mainly due to how much I would use it, I’ll still make good use of the trial and look forward to seeing updates :smile:

I may purchase it one day, Modio’s FATXplorer is unbelievable bad, literally unusable when trying to inject a game. Nothing else seems to work on Win 8 with a 250GB HDD :anguished:

Feel free to try it, the Windows Integration can be yours for seven days.:wink:

This totally grabbed my Attention! Thanks Eaton ! Looks amazing, never used it but I will now or soon! :smiley:

It’s nice to see someone doing things properly for a change. This program may not be popular, but it sure is quality, on par with Horizon.

I’ll probably purchase it the next time I have an urge to mod Halo or something.

Im guessing the Trial doesn’t extend to the format tools as I keep getting an error saying so :-\ the analyser tool doesn’t either & that doesn’t do anything yet. :frowning:

the trial should include all features for 7 days.

I also cant purchase it :-@ im like £2 out lol only have £17 in the bank ahhhhh

Oh & could you add an option in the backup tool to only backup folders & files as 230Gb for 61gbs worth of data is a bit much.

Most people won’t use the formatting tools more than once. If the trial let you use them, people would use it and never give FATXplorer a second look. Have to give people an incentive to purchase.:wink:

I hope you can meet your goal.:thumbsup:

There are plans to enhance the backup feature in a future update.

Keep up all the good work.

that’s understandable :slight_smile: I just bought the app, £23.11 total due to exchange rate :-@ thanks & hope you do add in an option to backup folders instead of a massive image file.

If you want to back them up you can just copy the folders to your computer.:wink: