FIFA 22 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

never gonna give you up…

hi mr antifun are you here???

dont be shy

never gonna give you upppp

Any update for new version? The current one doesn’t work. Thank you.

you got a friend in me

I’m having trouble adding the game… my pc can’t find my game either. If I want to add it myself, it doesn’t see it on steam… so I’m paying my money for nothing. At the moment, it hasn’t even been active once again. How does it work? There is neither a video nor an explanation… Can someone who knows help me?

Any chance of getting an option to add skill points in career mode?

What do you mean your PC can’t find your game?

Hi guys from WEMOD. Is it possible to add ALT-TAB Bypass?

Can I get banned for using this trainer in Squad Battles?

Hi, any update we can expect here…i mean manager mode trainig worked for older Fifa, you want to wait until next Fifa will be released?

MAF does not plan to create a trainer for manager mode.

Please add so we can set the amount we want for transfer budget rather than unlimited

Shame Super training score and training simulation perfect score still dont work as a manager, since they kinda the same but slightly different i would have assumed at least one of these options where made for that.

It’s not working. my wemod version is v8.0.11.

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maybe Mr. Antifun can update the trainer, or next fifa game consider something for the manager mode

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how do the transfer budget mods work? i used both the starting and remaining budgets but it doesn’t change anything

Lovely mod wish there was an option to add attribute points for player career mode.

Most of the features no longer works due to a game update :frowning: