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For the creator of the trainer, I was wondering if there would be any possible way where if you would be able to add a cheat for infinite Astral usage? I was wondering because you really can’t use them unless hp is low, and able to only use them once in awhile.


well, they are all for steam unless specified.

Yea the summons are odd in this game, each has a requirment you need to summon them, I played through the full game on xbox and only saw 2 of the summons I never had the Titan guy


Yeah. I was able to summon all of them. Some people got Titan for fighting the admantoise, but I never got Titan to show up for that fight. The was one hell of a long fight. lmfao I know Bahamut(which I hate in this game. They should have kept Bahamut being the king of dragons damnit. lol) is only able to be summoned while fighting Ifrit. That was the only spot I was able to summon Bahamut, which doesn’t do anything but piss off Ifrit. lol


yea, that one is more scripted, because you never really do anything to earn his trust so to speak


can u make for party member pls
I mean for open aranea and iris open party pls


Hello guys, has anyone tried Ghost Mode? It seems to do nothing. What’s its purpose?


Is it possible to add a “Remove Damage Cap” cheat/hack?


Can you make it so the ‘Unlimited Items’ cheat does not work with ‘Arms Schematics’ and ‘Fashion Sketchbook’ in Comrades?
All the extra weapons and cosmetics in those shops disappears when you’ve got 99 of each of those.

Thankfully, I was able to find the values in Cheat Engine and restore them each back down to 5.
So now the shops show everything again.


Is it just me that the unlimited health doesn’t work? Like i’m still taking damage? or is it just that I can’t die when it does reach the bottom?


From a cheating perspective of this game is it worth getting?
I loved the demo.


Unlimited Item Cheat messes with the Magic Flasks. Even after I turn off the cheats, it still shows there are 99 of them. I want to revert my flasks to the old number. Is there a way to do it?


is anybody else having a problem where after the new update from Infinity their Final Fantasy XV can no longer use the cheats?


infinity health and one-hit kill dont work all outhers ok


One hit kill is 9,999 hit points


Has anyone else been experiencing crashing issues when using the trainer lately? I have getting crashing issues. I have all cheats but one activated. I doubt that it is because of how many cheats I have running, because a couple weeks ago, the game could run 8+ hours without a single problem.


@STiNGERR I don’t know if you are still working on this trainer at all, but lately the game has been crashing whenever using the trainer. I can’t really tell if the game updated or not. But I want to say just this last weekend, the trainer was working fine. Then I want to say yesterday or the day before was when I noticed that the trainer was starting to cause the game to crash.


Just wanted to bring this forward. I was going to play Final Fantasy XV, the game exe is not there now (as in, it doesn’t detect it thru Infinity). It seems like SquareEnix patched the game recently.

I have noticed that there are new icons now in game. Also, both my PC and PS4 controllers don’t work anymore with the latest patch.

I tested with the Administrator Command and it had threw me a issue (Couldn’t find the game, but had to manually tag it. Don’t know if any of the codes work still or not.


Trainer no longer works for me. was working perfectly fine until a few days ago. now it keeps telling me it failed to load cheats


Try loading up the game, go to the window for infinity after loading up the game, keep the game open, close out infinity, open infinity back up, then click the play button for the trainer and see if that works.


Off topic from the trainer, but I think my game is broken. lol I am at the end. Well, Noctis and the gang are supposed to look older, but they are still at their age ten years before the world goes into pure darkness. XD They were showing the normal age until after I went to Hammerhead with Talcott. Very strange. Now after selecting the picture and going through the cut-scene with Ardyn, it will show the throne room for a second, then quickly teleports me to one of the safehavens inside of the city and Noctis will be at normal age like he was supposed to. And there is rubble ontop of the exit, so I can’t even go up the stairs and go to where Ardyn is. lol Damn broken games. Edit: I fixed the issue by getting sent to past lucis by umbra, went back to present, the party was back together, at the normal age that they were supposed to be ten years later. I just went back through the citadel to get back to Ardyn. Chose the picture again and I was able to annihilate Ardyn. lol