Firewall issue (Guardians of the galaxy)

Hi i have a problem im tryyinng to use wemod on guardian of the galaxy it says i have to allow wemod thrught fire wall anyone can help or how can i do that thank you

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You can find this information by using the search tool in the top-right of the community. For example, here: "Wemod failed loading the cheats into your game" / "We’re having trouble downloading the cheats" - #2 by Ravenfyre.

The exact instructions depends on your specific chosen anti-virus/firewall program. You’ll need to Google those as we don’t give support for third-party products.

I also moved your thread title to the actual post & renamed your thread title to be shorter/readable.

Hi I usually have the same issue… you have to whitelist the specific trainer on whatever antivirus software you have installed.
The trainers are usually found at…
C:\users(your profile)\appdata\roaming\local\wemod\app\trainers