Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Cheats and Trainer for Steam

While the AIs Won’t Kill mod is activated, Moondrop after the Daycare segment and Mini Music Man in the vents can still kill me. Could you please fix this?

unlimited freddy battery does not work, i mean, if you leave freddy and enter him again, but thats not unlimited AND sometimes the battery does run out of power and freddy kills you, pls fix thx <3

can you make a cheat were they cant see you so like no chasing but you can still be jupescared if
you git to close

Hi MrAntiFun! The Ai wont kill cheat breaks the game almost entirely. Lots of button prompts are removed like putting the showtime disc into the disc spot, and it breaks the endo’s mechanics. I now can’t play the cheat save file of the game due to all the endo skeletons crowding around the door I must go through. Pls fix when you can. thx!