[FIX] Xbox360 Controller + Play & Charge Cable Not Charging

I posted this on another website, thought I’d share it here as well.

I have had this problem, eventually, with all the re-chargeable battery packs in my controllers. The problem seems to occur when you continually run your battery completely dead, too many times.

The usual problem symptoms are, charging cable LED briefly turning RED (charging) but then turning GREEN (charged) 5-10 seconds later, indicating a full battery. However battery is still dead.
This is a false reading given by the charging cable, which interprets that the battery is full, when it is actually dead flat.

There is a fix, which I discovered awhile ago.

This method can take more than a day sometimes, but what I did was continually repeat over and over and over again until it charges properly and the LED stays RED, indicating a proper charge. It may take 30 tries. It may take 300 tries. It will almost always eventually fix the battery though.

1. Plug charging cable in.
2. Charger LED should be RED indicating it’s “charging”.
3. Wait for charger LED to change from RED to GREEN.
4. Quickly unplug charger.
5. Rinse and repeat.

This will “trickle feed” the battery, so the battery has enough charge to indicate to the charging cable that the battery is actually dead, and will then charge the battery as it normally should.
This method may take awhile, just be patient and stick to the process.

This would have been really handy to me months ago, pity i got fed up, smashed the cable and stole another one from my mates :stuck_out_tongue:

nice find man! the play and charge kits are terrible when it comes to battery life :confused: ill give this a try the next time one dies

Does this work with the wireless headsets?

Not entirely sure, my wireless headset charges properly. Try it!

well i drained its battery tons of times then one day it ran out and it never even took a charge. so i was bored as usual and took it apart and straped a battery to it lol. i think it was a "C’’ battery and it was just screwed over. DONT DO IT lol

Nice post Man =)

I Just Got A Rechargeable Dock,Theres Other Problems With It. Like Sometimes It Doesn’t Charge At All I Have To Bend The Wire A Bit Till It Charges…

Nice post man.

dude you just helped me with my charge and play cabel thats been broken for months

****, i threw my play and charge away :anguished:

worked for me, took a long time, but it worked xD

Thanks for testing and verifying!!


Will it work if the controller doesn’t have the battery pack in? I’ve played before without it in and only the Play and Charge but then I have to have the cable in a position so that it “reads” the controller.

The wire is stripped in your dock, theirs no real fix for this unless you know wiring, if you do, cut the wire past the strip, add more wire, then re-attach to the plug

You can run your controller from your Play & Charge cable without a battery, however I don’t advise doing this.

hey sexy ; )

Oh man thank you so much i have like 3 of those damn play and charge kit and there all broken!

Hello schmuckems

Same… i just got one of them to work with this method! Thanks OP