Fixed infinite loading only to face account problems

I can log in only on the most basic of an internet explorer browser, and not only that: but I had to log in to the site to reset my password 23 times due to a 502 gateway error on all other browsers: I reset my password; but when I launch the app; it still doesn’t recognize my username and password as correct: when it SHOULD be correct. I even had to log in AGAIN just to create this topic. I paid membership for this?! I can’t even use my account or pro membership anymore! Wemod team, what the everloving EFF is going on?! I want answers, but more than that, I want clarification that I can sign into my account.

WeMod know there’s an issue. A moderator posted here: Still facing an issue with load screen
Chill out a bit and give them time to fix things. Bear in mind it’s Sunday, most of their staff are probably at home with their families. In the meantime, try playing without cheating.

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Is that why during one of the Krauser fights I suddenly realized everything was switched off and the wemod screen was grey? That would explain something, maybe the servers overloaded.

They are. Frank is gonna add more resources but cant till overnight.
Just gotta keep trying

I guess asking for an update to the cheats would be taxing on the Wemod team during this time, wouldn’t it? I simply want one additional cheat added to the game; something earlier trainers have (but are currently incompatible with RE4) - The One Hit Kill Cheat, with this: an Pistol would do as much damage as an rocket launcher basically.