Folder Location Problem(s)

I pirated Dying Light on my PC as I felt no need to purchase it again as I already have a copy on my PS4. I located the wrong folder so cheats do not work, and it seems as if there is no option to relocate the folder.
In addition to this, I am very confused to what is meant by the folder that the game was installed to. I am not trying to sound ungrateful but that description is very vague to me as it could be interpreted many ways.
Thanks for any help I receive,

It’s not entirely possible to select a WRONG game folder as per my knowledge.

Btw, the trainer may or may NOT support your pirated game, as cracked games mostly have a different EXE and DLL file.

In some cases, but not all though. What is the exact Folder structure of your Game, and which pirated copy are u playing ? Try selecting the main BASE game directory.

Sorry i can’t be of much help. :neutral_face:

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You have to delete the cache so you can redownload the trainer and pick the folder again. Delete the daring development and Infinity folders located in appdata/roaming.

Picking the folder again wont fix it though since your issue is due to using a pirated version not supported by Infinity.

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I suggest using the Infinity V3 Beta as it adds more support for games that weren’t purchased through steam or another official DRM. Infinity 3 Public Beta Out Now! 🔥

We do not officially support anything besides the official version, so if it doesn’t work then you are out of luck.