Infinity 3 Public Beta Out Now! 🔥

#Infinity 3 Public Beta

The next version of Infinity is ready for public consumption, admiration, and scrutiny. The interface has been redesigned, taking into account all the great feedback we received for the current version. Below is a list of the major new features in Infinity 3. This beta is exclusive to community members and is not available for download on the main website!

Keep in mind there may be some bugs as this is a BETA release. Also note that cheats may be on 24 hour delay for release in this version.

Special thanks to Chris, the @staff, @testers, and all of our @pro members for supporting the development! Thanks to everyone else for patiently waiting!

Leave your feedback in a post below! Thanks.


Revamped Dashboard

  • See featured games, your objectives, and the most popular and latest cheats by the authors

##Improved Remote

  • Connect to the remote with a short pin code. No more typing in your username/email and password. PRO ONLY

##Cheat Categories

  • Breakdown cheats into organized, collapsible categories

##Interactive Controls!

  • Get more control inside Infinity with sliders, switches, buttons, and combo boxes for your cheats

##Starred Games List

  • Get quick access to your favorite games by starring them

##Game Installation Management

  • Individual game settings with support for multiple game installations

##Additional Launcher Support

  • Supports Steam, Origin, GOG, Uplay, Windows Apps, and the Twitch App

##Compact Cheats List

  • A compact view for the cheats/hotkey list for those games with a lot of cheats!

##Streamlined Game Version Testing

  • Featuring a beta testing team that’ll help the developers quickly add support for updated games.

##Compact Games List

  • Have a lot of games? View them all without the giant thumbnails.

##New User Tutorial

  • See what Infinity’s all about with a guided tour!


  • See WeMod objectives within Infinity and earn points in new ways!

##Help Widget

  • Integrated FAQ and support menu so you don’t need to scavenge the forum

##iOS and Android Remote Apps
They’re almost done, just need to make a couple updates. Use for now.

##Sound Packs
Choose extra sound fx for your cheats like Retro, Melodic, and Percussive

##Extra Updates

  • Startup time improved significantly.
  • Installed games are found at lightning speed.
  • Fixed bad trainer downloads causing errors.
  • Improved error messages and solutions to problems.
  • Removed dependencies on a few Windows services that some computers didn’t have.


##User Avatars
Choose a profile picture for your account!


Nothing major but I can scroll down further than needed in a selected trainer. Just me being a neat freak I guess. Happens in a few, didn’t check them all for obvious reasons.

Also the notifications tab is rather small.


the extra space isnt with all games, i think its good to have extra space as if they come out with more cheats for the games they will already have pre-made room for them instead of having to code in that space from scratch, also i like how the notifications tab the size it is, as when its open for the few seconds anyone actually looks at it it doesnt clutter the screen with un·necessary stuff, though it would be nice if the font was a tiny bit bigger and maybe a slightly brighter version of the color it is now on the notifications tab as i love the dark color theme as i have a 95% darkroom at all times since ive got blankets on my bedroom windows a light theme would not work as it would hurt my eyes

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Thanks for producing this so quickly!!!

The scrolling thing is pretty funny IMO. And I much rather have a small notification tab than an oversized one like we have right now, honestly.

Good timing. Not too early, not too late. Going to check it out tomorrow.

And now I know get the cheat categorization in the shirt contest. I fixed my submission.

Wow awsome work can’t wait to try it out looks sweet ! Yaaa

you’re welcome


It works smooth for me except for the tut bug which i told you about before (just happened now). Great freakin job man!

EDIT: Ah crap, you undid my edit. That was fast

I now can’t use the Outlast 2 trainer it says it can not load the cheats for the game so could someone fix that ???

im trying to change my buttons, but it wont let me. it has 3 dots on it that goes in a wave-like motion but when i click on a button nothing happens

2 things for me, first, and this is mainly like…i guess you can call it a quality of life thing? In the 2.0 you were able to “end game” to stop the cheats, but you cant in this one. Can we change that? Second, can the cheat activated sound be lowered somehow? seems a bit loud.

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Did it work in Infinity v2?

Was it working fine in the private beta? You never mentioned anything.

I can say for certain outlast 2 was working with v2. well, except for infinite hp.

Infinity doesn’t seem to connect to Outlast 2, only loading symbol that runs forever haven’t tried in infinity 2.0, so i don’t know if its my game version or infinity that’s bugging

it worked fine in the beta, but cant get it to work in the public one.
maybe i have to start the game first? ill try that in a bit.

Getting this error when starting it.

Do any other games work?

Left 4 dead 2 worked, i just tried infinity 2.0 again, and it worked, ill try upgrading to 3.0 again and look if it works now

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It’s still not working, also getting this “JavaScript Error”-window at startup