Forza Horizon 4 Trainer

Forza Horizon 4 PLUS 1 TRAiNER by WEMOD

After much wait, here it is!

Features the following cheats

  • Unlimited Credits

Usage Instructions:

While in DRIVING mode, enable this cheat then go to pause menu. You should see your money change. Disable the cheat.

Please don’t use it online, you will get banned.

Due to some technical issues, the trainer couldn’t be a part of wemod app so i am releasing it as a standalone trainer.

Have fun

Updated for 28/10/2018

Updated for 15/11/2018 version. (1.7 MB)


Very cool! But may I never again enter the online mode. or is that just the mod may not be active?


@STN Thank you very much for this its perfect, Much appreciated. When I take over the world and kill everybody you need not worry I’ll save you until last :wink: <3

@Sn0w1996 use the trainer offline and purchase what you desire then exit the game and trainer then connect back to the internet and boot the game. Your credit will then default to your legit total credits earned mine was 15.8 million but obviously I also have the cars I bought whist using the trainer

Is the driving mode the bit where you drive around at the start when you load in.

Driving mode is anywhere that you aren’t in a menu, auction house, etc.

Thanks alot

Can the money just be used for cars or can we buy property with it too?

I also bought the 2 castles in offline mode. Also works

Just completely disable internet connection before launching game?

Yes completely without internet

Actually i don’t think it’s necessary to unplug your Internet. Extra safety if you do but when i was making the cheat and testing it, i didn’t disconnect from Internet, just never went online.

Oh and use the money for whatever.

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how’s that any better?

I blocked Horizon 4 in the Security Center Firewall and added another blocking rule for the app, just in case.

anyone got banned?

Try it and see. Its not for online anyhow

I used the trainer offline and after I was playing online and still not banished, on fh3 everything done online and still not banned either

ps: sorry for my english google trad

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y’all how can i block internet connecting to FH4?

Add it windows firewall as always block or just unplug your ethernet or turn off wifi.

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My money hasn’t reverted back, before I was at 3 million and now even with trainer off back in game now shows 15.8 Million am I in trouble?