Forza Horizon 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

i think the trainer needs a update, they updated the game on sept 12th

The trainer is up to date.

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okay, i figured out, in order for the cheat to work, you need to read the instruction and follow it EXACTLY. Just to make it more clear, the order is follows:

1: get to screen before the purchase occure
2: enable “Enable Credit Cheat”
3: Change “Set Credit” amount immediately
4: IMMEDIATELY go back to game screen and complete purchase before game

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The set credits option doesnt seem to work anymore. When Im on the choose design screen or any other screen right before purchasing a car and I turn on the enable credits cheat and immediatley set the credits the cheat turns off and the game goes from “playing” to “play” in wemod.

That is not the correct order.

This is the correct order:

  1. [IN-GAME] exit your garage and drive a vehicle for a few seconds.
  2. [WeMod App] make sure all cheats are “OFF”.
  3. [WeMod App] set WeMod to “Playing”.
  4. [IN-GAME] go back into your garage.
  5. [IN-GAME] go through with whatever purchase you intend to make until you get the confirmation with “Yes” or “No” to finalize the purchase. DO NOT FINALIZE YET
  6. [WeMod App] increase the ‘Set Credits’ cheat to whatever value you want.
  7. [WeMod App] toggle ‘Enable Credits Cheat’ to “ON”.
  8. [IN-GAME] click “Yes” to finalize your buy.
  9. [WeMod App] toggle ‘Enable Credits Cheat’ to “OFF”.
  10. [IN-GAME] enjoy your free purchase, and consider becoming a WeMod PRO to support the awesome modders!
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for me its not working, i 10time try in offline mode,but credits dont added. i buy parts from upgrade dont press buy, press cheat on, and press buy, but credits dont add.