[Free Content & Discounts] [Expires 31st May] Free Money on Grand Theft Auto 5 Online (+ some discounts)

Rockstar is giving $500,000 free to people playing GTA5 Online.

Simply play Grand Theft Auto 5 online any time during the month of May. The cash will be added to your GTA bank account within 7 days of playing.

There are also several discounts:

  • 40% off laser weapons
  • 40% off nightclubs
  • 40% off B-11 StrikeForce plane
  • 35% off Pegassi Oppressor bike
  • 60% off Declasse Hotstring Sabre car

Click here for more information via the official Rockstar website.

Damm if that was real money I mite start playing GTA.

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To be honest, I think Rockstar would rather burn their real-life money than give it away to people for free. :laughing:
But I would join in too if it was real.

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