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Frostpunk Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@STN Hi Stn. With the new update for Frostpunk the mod is broken again. Everything is broken except the instand build option and the zero generator stress. just letting you know. Hope you can fix it!


Please update this great mod!! Thanks in advance


Vote for an update


please we need a new trainer for frostpunk this one is now not working with that new dlc we got please i love this


Not working w/ Endless mode


Vote for an update


Hopefully we can get enough people to vote


I am updating it soon. But it kinda sucks that people don’t vote as much for a game they obviously want updated. Their involvement is basically drop a complaint on forums and be done.


Thank you for updating it anyway! :heart_eyes:


Guys VOTE for update! Click “Request update” in app and then VOTE

  • cheers *


remember vote before you complain on the forms


The Frostpunk cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!




Thank you for updating! :kissing_heart:


What is version guard and how do I use it?


none of the inventory cheats work on my game what should ı do?


HI there, thanx a lot for these cheats, love them, just a question is there a way to let the resources increase by idk 2000 or 5000 instead of 99999, I love infinite but i also like to play on a hard difficulty but with some help of course. Thanx again



Beat the game a while ago it’s very festive and teaches u about survival and managing resources