Game crashes when cheating

yo im tryna cheat in dying light but my game keeps crashing when i give myself xp any fixes for this?

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The game was updated. Therefore the trainer will also need an update.
See this post in the trainer’s official thread: Dying Light Cheats and Trainer for Steam.

The requests have passed the required threshold, so now it’s just a matter of waiting for an update.

how long does it usually take to update the cheats if you know?

As soon as humanly possible.

We don’t give ETAs or status updates as there are too many factors which affect it, such as trainers that were in the top of the queue before this one.

  1. remove the selected custom installation.
  2. select the game.exe again.
  3. Fixed!
    4. you have to do this process every time you turn on your pc.

Thank you, however, this user’s particular issue was caused, at the time, by the trainer being in need of an update due to the game recently being updated.