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Save Sharer…

Upload, Download, Like…
This Is Save Sharer!

You need to run as admin. Why? Because of the registry key I use for the share button and for the context menu (“right click on a save to upload” menu).


*Here you can see the add of a comments system (200 characters comment), share system(not available in the current version, send a link to your friend and he’ll be sent back to this save in Save Sharer) and the little arrow on the download button let you rehash and resign your save.

*Download settings let you choose where you want to download all your saves (no more file dialog will appear when you download) and choose your ID sets for rehash and resign.

*Brand new register form. All users will have to create an account if they want to comment and upload saves.

Download now!

Thanks to…
I would like to thanks Oscar, abis24 and Cheater912 for their helps with the coding. Thanks to Mocha for hosting all the files.

Please leave feedback, suggestions for future updates and UPLOAD saves. Also, please don’t create new thread about Save Sharer.


Sick I love it. I’m going to download it now!

very nice!

I’m working on it. But thanks for the feedback. The GUI is done and a lot of coding aswell.

Looks very nice, you should release a beta so we can test for bugs

I’m still working on major things, but I done Game Save List (that’s what allow you to see all the save on the first picture) and add a save to the list. I still need to finish the uploading and the downloading and I don’t have any web space/server for try. :S

looks a lot better than mine!

You done one?

This is an amazing tool. Also 2Faced can I help with this project because I am supposed to learn a lot of C# (if thats what it is coded in) for school. I already know some (basics, loops, if,then,else statements and more)


yeah it sucks though. nobody uses it. it had no features. just an ftp upload and download :confused:

cant wait to try yours out! it actually will work

Sorry, coded in VB. :S
You can always try to code it in C# and i’ll translate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol i hate coding its somewhat understandable but when i have to write up a script i get so lost dont even know how to do it thats why i got people like this to do it for us thanks

The uploading is near done… thanks to rvbfreak.
The downloading will be more easy.

If you don’t want to get lost you should write up an algorithm before you start to walk yourself through the steps.

I would use this thing like crazy! I’ve used the “main competitions” program and there are a few things that still aren’t worked out with it and I would love to have those things fixed in the Horizon version.

  1. You should be able to report comments, that’s where most of the advertising happens

2.You should be able to click the “Title, Game, and Upload” tabs and the list would be sorted by those

I had more, but your screenshots show that you already got them :wink:

If you do make a beta I’d be happy to test!

Upload and Download totally done, still need to work on some things. Beta will be released soon(maybe next weekend).

Thanks dude looks like a sick program, Going to try and use it now

Edit: :anguished: Didn’t see the post you just made ^

well this reminds me of modio
s which was great so i’d love to see this inputted in horizon

Looks Very nice.

Where can I download this at?



He’s still working on it. It’s not out yet