Gamerscore Modding has been PATCHED! *read*

Hey guys I have done the research and have confirmed that the Dec 6th, 2011 dashboard update has now PATCHED achievement modding…

Once you delete your profile from your current hard-drive and recover it, you can no longer mod your achievements. I noticed that when you recover your account only a portion of your profile is kept on your harddrive now and the rest must be kept on the “cloud” servers or something to prevent achievement modding…

THE ONLY WAY: the only way you can still mod your achievements is if you have your gamertag already saved to your harddrive, you can still use your old profile string to mod your gamerscore, but once you “delete your profile” then recover it you will no longer be able to mod your achievements. I used to delete my profile after modding then recover it to clean the “modded” profile string on the hard drive to prevent a bann. Once again if you want to keep modding do not delete your profile, but this may be a risk since they may have new tools to catch modding. Use caution!

hope this helps, I believe I am the first to reveal this


I have tested all versions of Profile Editor and Horizon, they are patched

Yet you aren’t diamond.

use a dummy profile, sign up for a fresh silver account on then recover it to your xbox. Then use any modding program you have and you will see it no longer works.

My profile used to take 30-40 mins to download, now it only takes 2 mins. The size of my profile string used to be 13mb, now it is only 2mb. This means microsoft is storing achievement data on their own servers instead of the hard-drive now meaning you can no longer mod your file.

my roomate has a diamond membership that we share.

Horizon is like the only achievement modding device that works…

How would you know all of this if you aren’t diamond? I don’t even recover my gamertag when I mod achievements. Even to sync I just have to plug my USB back in.

Even though you’re prohibited from sharing your Diamond membership with others.

you are not a very experienced modder, everytime you mod your profile on your usb your profile string is edited. If microsoft where do to a check on your profile when you are signed into your console they would be able to verify you have modded your profile. The way around this to prevent a bann would be to select “delete profile only” and then re-recover your account. It would pull the new profile string that has all of the achievements unlocked from xbox servers.

And you must be retarted to thing horizon is the only program that works… Im a paid member with Profile Editor also and the newest version is the best gamerscore modding tool in my opinion. Horizon is just better overall because its an all in one tool… you are running a major risk of getting banned while using a modded profile string.

It isn’t the only editor which works but I still do not believe this. I will try later on a account which I need to recover. I do not have cloud storage setup either.

we have a shared gamertag and use Horizon together? I just signed up to post on the forum. ANyways who gives a **** gamerscore modding is patched, anybody who leave a hacked profile string on their xbox is gonna get banned. the bann wave is coming soon :wink:

I’m not experienced? Trololol.

I won’t believe anything you say until this is tested.

Why are you here if you want to use that junk instead?

it has nothing to do with cloud storage, xbox has changed the way you recover your profile, they no longer release the full string to your xbox. They only let you save a portion and that portion has none of your achievement data. Modding will still work if you have not yet recovered your gamertag on the new dashboard, but they are going to start a bann wave soon for those members. Its coming be prepared… if you re-recover your account you have nothing to worry about if you dont plan on future modding

Just tested it with Horizon, even going as far as recovering GT, and it is not patched, Horizon continues to work flawlessly

A hacked profile string? That’s the funniest **** I’ve heard, ever.

Even if this was patched, stop acting like you know how achievement unlocking works and have any knowledge on the Xbox file system because you don’t.

enough talking go test it for yourself noob… if you knew anything about how modding works you would not keep re-modding the same profile string. All i have to do is report your gamertag for cheating or call xbox and I can have you perma banned… until you delete the modified profile string off your hard drive or memory device, they can verify it has been modified you skid

Okay, what if you got achievements on your friend’s xbox. What if you were playing xbox at your friends for the first time. Then you would have 0G? I think not. What’s your roomate’s username if you share diamond.

Maybe it is because your editor is so ****ty that it just doesn’t work. Don’t post some giant thread until you tried it with another editor.

And today i shall be mr know it all and tomorrow i will resume to being a noob good day sir

are you an idiot? your gamerscore and profile are stored on xbox servers… so if you recover your tag from a friends house your still gonna have gamerscore like normal. The only difference is microsoft does not issue your achievement data to your profile string anymore, Its all done online now… you must be a 15 yr old fat kid?

Im going to enjoy seeing you with the special banned title