Gears of War 1 - Online Editor [GPD]

Gears of War - Online Editor


  • You can unlock all online achievements.
  • You can unlock all title update and dlc achievements.

How to use:

1.) Extract profile to computer.
2.) Extract the Gears of War GPD (4D5307D5).
4.) Use editor to open the GPD.
6.) Replace the GPD in your profile.
7.) Use Horizon to Rehash & Resign and copy the profile to device.
8.) Start Gears of War and make the follow things.


If you edit, what you want. Follow this things for the respective achievements.

Play a ranked match(Lose or Win):

  • It unlocks as following: All kill achievements, revived mates.
    Play a ranked match(Win):
  • It unlocks as following: Mix it up and Around the world.
    Play a ranked match(Win … to 0):
  • It unlocks as following: Can’t touch me.
    DLC Achievements:
  • Just make what the achievements says.



Please report all bugs.
Have fun.

Going to test it out right now :smile:

Make a GOW2 one? :smiley:

this looks good and yea try and make one for gow2

Checking it now :smile:

GoW2? we need one

I’ve found in Gears 2 only three values. (XP, Total Kills and Total Rounds)
I will look into the GPD. But i can’t promise anything^^

But first i program an Splinter Cell Double Agent GPD Editor. :laughing:

Can somebody post another link the op isn’t working for me

Can this get you banned? I mean Microsoft is going to be like: " WTH? He/She got all online achievos in 1 day??"

does this tool still work

Yes sir it does. Download it and try it out your self! Have fun :smile:

OT: Thanks Philly. :slight_smile: You make the one of the best GoW Tools

thanks is there a gears 2 one like this one?

you wouldn’t happen to have a gpd editor for gears of war PC would you?

DL works, ill give tat a try now


don’t know if this thread is still active to much but I downloaded the gpd editor and every time I try to open the gpd it tells me it cant open it anyone have an idea

I cant get it to work for me either AFTER I played a ranked match…
It keeps telling me that it cant open it

any suggestions guys?

seems to be working good, thanks.

Did it actually work for you? (unlock every achievement)
Just asking because I’m interested in doing this because I didn’t get into the Gears of War series until GoW2 so there wasn’t many people playing GoW1 as there were playing GoW2; making getting the achievements a lot harder/time consuming.

Thanks in advance!

how do i extract the gears editor number in my profile?


Have you downloaded the tool yet? Once it’s downloaded just open the folder and run the Gears of War - GPD Editor.exe. If you need additional help post back.