Generation Zero Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Can Move While Overweight. Pls


a way to get over weight limit or rocket ammo set to 2


We need infinite Weight cheat… :cry: always overweight is so annoying.


Can you revert the mega exp back to just giving from 3,000 to 100,000 exp? Going from level 1 to 10,000 seems a bit extreme.

Bro, hook us up with that unlimited carry capacity

yes , we need unlimited carry capacity, and set item amount sliders man. And please make it so unlimited items works in a more stable manner. now i tend to accidentally dupe my weapons in inventory or storage and cleaning that up makes me consider if the mod is even worth activating.

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could we please get a weight cheat if possible

Cheats broken by the update:
Unlimited Items -Ammo
Mega Exp
No Reload

Suggested Cheats:
unlimited carry capacity
Unlimited Schematic points

Quick complete Assignment?

Modify Current cheats:
Set item amount slider
Make it so unlimited items works in a more stable manner

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There are weight mods existing on nexus. Im using one and it does not break multiplayer. Got 10k stash capacity and 500 on person carry weight.

Ya “Generation Zero Helper Mods” Has a few that are useful but not always updated right away, so it would be cool to see wemod have it

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Fix asap the mods arent working any more on my end pretty pissed off

Bru, its already at second place, it takes time to fix them

The Generation Zero cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Weight cheat added

hey im not sure if its any other items but unlimted cheat dosent work with propane tanks anymore

think i know which one your talking about but any idea how to on the xbox pc version

Hi there, just wanna put this here and say that unlimited health is bugged/glitched, i should be at 100hp but when unlimited hp is enabled I’m at 85hp. anyone else have the same issue??

Is anybody else experiencing the problem that the game won’t save when using mods?
I’ve played 3 or 4 times since the last updates and every time I have to start at the exact same place with the exact same items in my inventory although I played very different parts of the game and left it at absolutely different shelters.

Vanishing progress is a massive turn off and I would really appreciate a fix of this strange behaviour.
Thanks in advance.

THANK YOU !, FINALLY infinite carry weight on PC YESS !!!

Love the mod but now searching loot boxes, bags or robots freezes the game for a second then crashes with no error codes any way around this or fix for this please

Keep up the good work