Generation Zero Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thanks MrAntiFun

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thank you mrantifun you should be called mrfun you are the best please never leave us.

Please Add These Cheats for Generation Zero Thank You Mr AntiFun and Wemod.

One Hit Kill

Infinite Weight

Infinite weight is a must have for the way the ammo generates with its cheat unless inf. ammo cheat can be reworked to prevent ammo count from dropping.

Also, an “Always hidden” option would be handy along with a “warp to Waypoint” like what I have seen in the borderlands 3 cheat table if it can be done. With how big the map is I don’t think it’d be as there would be need of a load screen like with fast travel… so perhaps a way to drop a field radio on way point so you can then use it to fast travel?

there is a webpage that give a mod for the infinite weight, no sure if i can add the name here so i ask to any Moderator if they give permission to add the webpage name here or no, no want break any rules.

Would be nice if the Unlimited Skill Points could be changed to Give 5-10 Skill Points per Press or be able to Remove the Skill Points that are left over from the 99. Or the Option that Would Revert the Free Skill Points that are left over from the ones used when the Cheat is Turned Off back to Zero and not leave any Leftover points.