Ghost Recon Breakpoint for Steam

hey wemod Ghost recon breakpoint for steam isnt working after i do the .Bak and put the exe file in and open it, its just an endless loop of trying to start it. i cant find any solution i was hoping someone can help me

Hello and welcome back to the community. :slight_smile:

  1. How are you trying to launch the game?
  2. Is your game purchased from Steam, or is it a cracked Steam version?
  3. Are you able to post a screenshot of the folder where your bypass was placed?
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its normal steam

i have them switched right now since im using the game

im having the same issue, ive tried ensuring the proper version and that nothing is done wrong, the trainer just doesnt work anymore its probably outdated and needs an update, i mean after all it was only updated in january, but i bet it needs a update because ive tried 2 versions both legit owned and it just wont work it keeps saying “were having trouble loading the mods into your game. Try restarting the game.” wich i have done 5 times now with no change, the trainer is broke and dont work.

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why is nobody updating this game anymore? i even subscribe wemod just for this game and its not working anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

All, give this a try

See if this helps