Giving Away Free MSP/XBL Codes!

My TTG Name Is -XeXFamous- And Heres Proof.

More Proof.

And More.

This Is All Free , Just Reply Why You Want It And Why I Should Give The Code Too You.

Open Till 30th May 2011
Time:4:00pm UK Time

Thanx Guys.

Are you for cereal? O.o

Hey man i would like 4200 ms points because I’m a very nice guy and awesome to game with. Plus ill have your babies!

Wow thanks for doing this giveaway, it’s amazing! I would love any code you could give me, I am mostly in need of MSP but Gold would be great too. I have been an active member on this site and have contributed a lot. I would be so happy if I got one of these codes. Thanks for this, great way to start off on XboxMB!

2100 pts plz

Well, ive been an active member on this site for a long time, i have 1 sticky, and i always try to help members on the site

And also im bored and want a new game :smiley:

…I want a MSP code right now because I just had my car engine basically blow up, I had to get into more debt to get a new car, and I want to play the Call of Dead maps on Black Ops :confused:. It would be greatly appreciative if I could get a card and actually download the maps and finally play them with my friends. Thanks in advance.

I’m also quite active, try to not flame or annoy other users on here and try my best to help when someone is in need of it. I’ve hosted many giveaways, got stickied threads and the second biggest BO thread on the forums.

PS, I would need the American one. ._.

WAIT WAIT WAIT. Are these codes UK or US? They’re region limited. D:

i have a 1600msp us code and 3month us code and the rest are uk

I would love the 1600 MSP US code if you feel I deserve it. I have done a lot for the site and really need the MSP but am pretty poor at the moment. I would be so happy if you gave me it < 3

1200 code cause your giving them away, and i want to change i gamertag.

I’ll take that 1600 off ya if you don’t mind…

Oh. O.o In that case, could I have a 2100 MSP code for my friend as we are going to play some Black Ops tonight, and I’d love to try some Call of the Dead, with him, please? <3

hey its awesome what your doing :smile:
i would like 1200msp because for one im poor, and two i would love to buy undead nightmare for red dead, its the best game i have ever played :smile:

thank you if you feel i deserve it ,<3

can i have teh 1600 1337? :smiley:

You should give one to me for I really would like to play the new D&D arcade game but just had to spend my savings on expensive dental work.

I could do with some MSP uk …
I have an american account with 9000 and cant bloody spend them

I’ve never seen a 2100 card.

I would like the 2,100 points so i can finally buy the first map pack for black ops and play with my friends.< 3< 3:thumbsup::thumbsup:

youve got all night because im giving wawy all the codes so ill give XMB like 1more hour or so untill i choose people and give codes out.

hope this helps guys