Green Hell Cheats and Trainer for Steam

No longer works :frowning: latest update seems to have broken them all

the thirst and unlimited iteam not working

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The Green Hell cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

As of 03/08/2022. Only mods that work for me are the 2 bottom ones, as seen on attached picture. The item durability and easy craft.

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For some reason, I was able to play just fine with WeMod last night (9/15/2022), up until 5 a.m this morning, (9/16/2022). However, I attempted to play earlier this afternoon, and now much like the above comment, only two mods work now, Easy Construction and Unlimited Durability. Am I missing something?

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is there a possibility to add an unlock all blueprints? save having to run the whole map on a new survival start?

Same here. A fix would be nice. Thank you.