GTA V but the Rockstar launcher, NOT Steam or Epic

HI, need this to work with the Rockstar launcher, annnnnd not for Online play, im fully aware of this topic - But not everyone uses Steam for such AAA games. So whats the story peoples??

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All trainers need to be voted for in the WeMod desktop app. Trainers aren’t made unless the community tell us they want it enough.

Bear in mind, the game was released in 2013. Most people who wanted to play Grand Theft Auto V while it was still “in fashion” already own the game from Steam or on consoles. Or Epic Games (where it was given away free - [Free Game] [Expired] Grand Theft Auto V).

Yes, well I never played it on Console as ive been PC only since about 2013. Im new to the existence of WeMod, and like the idea.
But im not interested in becoming Pro IE put money down if it requires me beoming Pro to vote on something that might not occur…do you see the probleme here?
The game is a Rockstar game, one ive played numerous times but not for years now, and having it via Steam or Epic is of secondary importance, as having it via the creators own launcher is always of primary importance and one us original players will have.
So how does this get sorted? Im not paying to vote on something that might not happen and my list of games is limited to specific AAA games only, as nearly all the games you have listed via Not Installed when i load it are never going to be…and im not happy with the update either, i only want to see my games in the big window, not games im never going to play.
I was thinking of going Pro until the update this morning, as id been spending the last few days inspecting the list of supported games that I do have…but you need to put it back to what it was yesterday and sort out the fact that Steam or Epic are not the primary source of AAA games companies, they all have their own launchers.

Incorrect. Considering the game wasn’t available on Rockstar Launcher until 2019 - 6 years after the game was released - Steam would actually be of primary importance to players of this game while Rockstar Launcher secondary. The only reason it’s popular on Epic is because it was free for a week. It released on Rockstar launcher far too late to be of interest to the majority of the gaming community. This is Rockstar’s problem, not WeMod’s.
Like I said, most people who own this game bought it on Steam. They’re not going to buy another copy on Rockstar Launcher when they already own it.

Incorrect. Steam is the most popular platform still. Closely followed by Epic Games (who do a lot to help out indie game developers). Launchers like Uplay, Rockstar, Blizzard and so on are actually not that popular with gamers. You can easily see that by examining WeMod’s library - all trainers were voted on by the community. And the community have clearly shown they want Steam trainers most.

Incorrect. Adding games to your favourites list, which gets them recognised as popular titles that people will want updates for the most, costs nothing. Please do your research before posting. Game Queue - WeMod Support.

Firstly, I have my versions of RDR2 and GTA V only on the Rockstar launcher, which launched with GTA V at the time, IE 2013, so you do your research. Its been on my system ever since installation.

So you do your research, because the rest of your commentary is negated by this line alone, showing you do not know what your saying to being with.

Rockstar Launcher did not exist until 2019.

Therefore you could not have had GTA V on Rockstar Launcher in 2013.

Because you are spreading falsehoods and are unable to accept facts, this thread is now going to be closed.
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