GTFO Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@Shiny_Pickle i noticed that as well. also the one-hit kill was not working either. @MrAntiFun have you considered adding things such as super jump, team unlimited heath (bots) easy hack for doors, instant scanning, and no fall damage? those would be huge improvments.

unlimited health not working just fix quickly

The GTFO cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Agree the wemod is great! The only issue if with the new update the unlimited health is not working even if I am host. Which is the only issue I have run into thus far

still have issues with unlimited health, everything else works just fine.

Heyo lovin the cheats… Just an idea though the devs accidentally dropped a ‘Dev build’ of Rundown 6. This lets you have free cam, Teleport and swap weapons on the fly during missions. There might be a way for you to get these into mod these into your trainer perhaps?
To download the dev build GTFO: How To Play Any Rundown - YouTube this guy shows you how its pretty simple to do so but yeah, just an idea.

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unlimited health still not working

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In online, infinite health does not work.

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Why unlimited heath and no damage effect is not working to me, I even tried to play alone, no bots :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:
by the way, hopefully have more function like, see artifact, unlimited inventory (medkit, tool refill, ammo refill)

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Unlimited health still doesn’t work in the new Rundown (7) even after the latest update.

for me it does, just not for infection damage. do you have the new version selected in the list? for me it wasn´t at first