Hades Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I like your can do attitude.

Hi, will the Hades trainer ever get an update for extra features?

not working right now

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seems to work for me

I been getting back to playing Hades and I was wondering if there is a possibility for an update to control crystals and gem amount, the grind is annoying. I know its an old game by now, but it would be lovely to get it if its not too much work, I can use my boost for it if needed. Have a great day!


I agree with the friend above, it would be interesting to have all the infinite resources like for money.

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As nice as these mods are, I miss when WeMod had mods that changed -numerous- things. Half the mods I see nowadays are just ‘infinite health’ and ‘infinite money’ and no ‘modify item number’ or etc… I’d love a way to add 1 Titan Blood, so I can unlock a weapon quick, then spend all my future Titan Blood upgrading it. Any chance those will be added back in?

Hello, I have a question why is the mod unlimited health only working and the unlimited money with fast kill isn’t working for me? when I turn on those two they just turn off immediately please help me thank you.

can you add more keys to it feels a tad bit empty in my option