Halo CEA Debug Menu

Just something I came across…

More images:
ConsoleTECH - Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Debug menu

What the ****, now I’m in noclip. This is awesome.

Now, make it for retail. gogogo

I don’t care if it’s impossible, do it.

Maybe want to tell us how you enabled it?

“Earlier today CLK Lander gave us a quick heads up that the debug menu was left in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary retail versions of the game.
CLK gave us a number of pictures backing up his claim.”

So it’s in Retail maybe need to press some keys a certain amount of times? (Its also in the 360 category)

You going to release a tutorial or something,

Hell bro, release a tutorial or a gamesave of this.


I’ll need to edit some of the files to make them work on “retail”.

Hmm, okay. I assume it’s GPD or something right? o.O

I’m running this on a dev kit, actually. I think that some of the options (e.g. blur, gamma, POSSIBLY noclip and godmode?) get written to the GPD/save (as in, the state of being in noclip, and the state of being in god mode – not the option to toggle).

Edit: god mode does not get written.

****ty video yay

Edit: If anyone wants a gamesave that’s beyond the death barrier on the third mission, here it is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JPMUXC4E

Replace the saves.cfg file within one of your own save packages with that.

This would be sick to do on a retail!


Heres the release.

Halo CE Debug Mode - iBotModz

I found it. It was just one change needed. Nothing else is required. Except, well a JTAG/Dev.

Nice work CLK :thumbsup:

Can you re-up it to mediafire or MU? I’m having issues with the download for whatever reason.

You see, that’s the thing… It didn’t require ANY changes for me and so I didn’t want to go looking through anything trying to figure out what what the conditions for enabling it were until I knew why Xenon and a couple of other people couldn’t enable it themselves.

Good work on your guys’ end.

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O strange then. Something about those dev’s then.

Did you guys figure out how to enable any of the “cheats”?