Hardspace: Shipbreaker Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I’m having issues with the unlimited Oxygen working at first, then stopping after a bit.

Hi - the cheats don’t seem to work - when tethers is activated I can’t even buy tethers… Wemod says it’s the wrong game version and that the cheats may not work with this version. 2-6-22
Cheers for the good work
Much appreciated!

You need to disable the cheat before opening the shop near the Hab.
Once you disabled it, open the shop, buy tethers, and exit the shop.
Enable the cheat again, and use one of your tethers.

This is how I find the cheat to work the most reliably.


Looks like the PC Game Pass version is not supported.

So are we ever gonna get Unlimited Demo Charges like the Unlimited Tethers?

unlimited mission timer would be great too.


Cheats seem to work fine with the new version.

No problems with the cheats, inside and outside the hab, as well as using them while cutting and re-entering the hab

I love the trainer, maybe for the next update stopping the Timer, if possible, and unlimited Lynx Token.

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can you help me the inf tethers does not work

Thanks - that did the trick for me - disabling the cheats before going to the shop. Work a treat.
An XP or points for the equipment upgrades cheat would be neat - if possible…
They do make life a little easier on the frontier though - the amount of times I died in the beginning, underestimating the pull of the grapple… sigh. Slow learner. lol

edit: If you’re working on the same ship day after day, you can keep the cheats enabled. Summoning a new ship will mean, when you’re out of the hab on the platform in front of the hab, disable cheats, stock up on tethers etc (they’ll be set to 0), THEN enable the cheats and it’s happy salvaging until the next ship.

A few issues in the current version. Not sure if they’re fixable, but I’ll at least mention them:

  • Taking damage with the Unlimited Health cheat on can cause the “health restored” announcement to repeat endlessly (until you turn the cheat off and take health damage again). Quite annoying. Not sure how you’d fix that. Lock health to 99% instead of 100, maybe?

  • Unlimited Tethers cheat reverts your tether count to zero if active at the start of a shift.

Cheat I’d most like to see: Maxed Lynx tokens. (Honestly I don’t really want to rush things so much that I’m ranking up immediately and have all the upgrades on day one… but I’d like to at least buy what my progress has unlocked, so, yeah, unlimited Lynx tokens.)

Hi can you do an update on unlimited Demo Gargers PLease

I’d love to see the return of the Lynx Tokens cheat, but to my knowledge, the LT values are now obfuscated and hard to track down. I’ve tried with Cheat Engine, but I have very basic knowledge of it and value scans bear no results.

I’d love a lynx tokens and a demo chargers option… if LT values are difficult to track then at least demo charges would work…

Unlimited demo charges would be awesome.