Haunted Helmet Before Inheritor?

I was on the Bungie forums and ran into this thread:

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And he isn’t a Bungie Employee because he has 100% armory… Bungie employees only get haunted helmet and they earn everything else…

Wierd hes only a colonel grade 1

I know, I want to know how he did this.

My guess is he maybe got reset and his armor hasn’t updated, not sure though.

haha same

Can you mod your "online Profile"
Enable the armor you want, then sync with the server’s and it still be there?
If not maybe he was awarded it for something from bungie.

I think if you get reset you lose all of your armor. I’m no positive though.

Armor doesn’t update that good on bungie.net.

It can’t be an award from Bungie maybe the haunted helmet… but I don’t see them giving someone 100% armory completion.

…Ummm, it dosn’t effect our gaming experience, let Bungie do there job, so what if he has the Haunted Helmet, Bungie probably knows about this, and why does this matter?

Edit: I kind of want to know how he did this though…

Maybe he was a winner from the bungies all stars the did, and since they made it so everyone could get the star namplate they gave them all that instead.

Yeah but if you read my second link someone said they faced him and that thread was posted today.

Because mostly everyone would want 100% armory completion + haunted helmet before Inheritor.

isn’t haunted helmet acquired from buying all helmets?
and it is about 1.5m credit or so?

Never said they wouldn’t but its a easy ban if someone reports it to Bungie or a Bungie worker is in a battle with you…

No, you need to have 100% of the armory which means visors, firefight voices, all helmet attachments, etc. And you need to be the rank of Inheritor.

I think he was terminally ill and he was granted it.

I don’t think you have to be an Inheritor

i have him as a friend he got it through the make a wish foundation they brought him to bungie studios because hes been fighting chronic illnesses his whole life so they awarded him with it

  1. Everybody can get the Haunted Helmet… It is NOT bungie exclusive.
  2. You have to buy ALL of the Base Helmets first (You don’t have to have the attachments). Then you can buy it for 1 credit.
  3. Just because it says Halloween doesn’t mean you can only wear it on halloween. If you have it you can wear it whenever you want.

^ copied from bungie