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Have a laugh - Gaming jokes & puns

Thought we’d have a bit of fun. Share your cheesiest :cheese: , best :trophy: or worst :poop: gaming-related jokes and puns here.
Remember to keep everything within the WeMod community guidelines though.
I’ll kick us off with a few.

What does a gorilla wear when it goes to the beach?


A donkey thong.

My ex-girlfriend left me because I was always playing Assassin’s creed until 4 in the morning.
I told her that I can’t Altair the past.

What is the national sport of Minecraft?



Why was Ash arrested?


He took a pikachu in the changing room.

What do they call the Nintendo Wii in France?


Nintendo Yes.


Here’s one:

What does Sonic use to knock on a door?

Answer: Knuckles

Also a one liner: I heard that the guy who created Minecraft is top-notch.

These were two I could think of quickly so I hope someone else has better jokes or one liners :laughing:


The Payday Gang might be career criminals but they always find time to “clown” around.

Did you hear the comedian who’s TV special aired on October 23rd, 2077? I heard it was a real BOMB…
What’s the TF2 Scout’s favorite genre of music? BONK! And Roll.
I once asked Raul from FNV if he thought I could smuggle guns into the casinos easier if I stashed them into a guitar case. He told me: “In my humble opinion Machete is better, boss.”

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Have some more Fallout ones. (Sorry they’re lame).

What do Molerats like to snack on when they go camping?

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What do Radscorpions enjoy listening to?

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Stinging in the Rain.

Did you hear about the guy who met a Mirelurk at the bar?
He’s got crabs now.

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If I see a bearded keg with legs, what am I looking at?
A Dwarf.

My cousin said he wanted “Wolfenstein” for his birthday, so I got him a stone shaped like a wolf… :drum:

The last one is a play on words because “Stein” means “Stone” in German.


Cheesy pick up lines for the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4, Male (aka Nate) version:
“Ay girl, this Explosive SMG aint that the only Legendary Weapon I’m packing.”
“Hey Piper, you wanna investigate the rumors about a one of a kind Legendary Creature tonight?”
“You ever done it with a guy who’s been cryogenically frozen for 200 years? No?! Well, feel free to call me Lovin’ Dan…”

Cheesy pick up lines for the Sole Survivor from Fallout 4, Female (aka Nora) version:
“I can help you get your Red Rocket Factory in working order.”
“Is that a Gauss Rifle in your inventory or you just happy to see me?”
“Hey, Paladin Danse! I have a couple Pre-War Mininukes for ya big guy…”

I tried to play an FPS based on The Lost Battalion once, but I found out that the multiplayer servers Argonne…

What do you call a Pokemon that doesn’t move very fast?

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A Slow-poke

Yeah, I know, that was terrible. I’ll show myself out, don’t worry.


One for the Madden fans.

What do you get when you cross the Madden NFL video game and a sick hamburger?

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Madden Cow Disease.

One for the Minecraft fans.

What’s an Enderman’s favourite band?

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Imagine Dragons.


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