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Best cheat app

WeMod is the best cheat app i’ve ever used, it is so good. It works flawlessly unlike most cheat engine tables. I really want to donate to you guys, once i get a job, i’ll send some money your way


Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

We’re glad that you enjoy using WeMod and, as we do, believe it’s the best cheating software in existence. And thank you for considering going Pro as well. It’s optional but it helps the trainer developers with producing and maintaining the cheats. :slight_smile:

Always feel free to drop by the community if you have any questions, need support or just want to hang out. There are plenty of discussions to join in, such as:

What are your favourite games? :slight_smile:

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the games i recently used the trainers for was FF15, FF13, FF10, but mostly I don’t game on the PC anymore.

What code language do your developers work in? I am looking for an internship but am focused on JavaScript and React. I guess the trainers don’t use JS tho

Nice, I take it that you like fantasy RPG games then? :smiley:

Oh, I almost forgot - don’t forget to keep an eye on this section of the forum too for freebies every now and again:

As for your question, our community manager just gave some information on that in this post: Click Here. Saves me typing it all :laughing:

Hey! Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

We use a mix of languages depending on how high-level or low-level a component needs to be.

For the most part, the app itself is coded in TypeScript using Electron and the Aurelia framework. For lower-level tasks, we have a small helper process that runs in the background, coded in C#. That process does the work that would otherwise be a pain to do using Electron. The trainers themselves are coded in C++ and assembly.

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I totally agree! :slight_smile:

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