Hero's Hour Cheats and Trainer for Steam

it do not work in the game

It doesnt work. I tried to restarting the game, and i also had the game on steam. it only had the button to increase and decrease, but no “toggle” or something…

Update it,please!

not working


geht nicht hab die premium version

As of September 2022 these cheats are still not working. I own this game on Steam and have tried all sorts of different ways to get them to work and still nothing.

yeah still doesnt work… any update???

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Please update <3

Can we get an update to this?

Please update the cheats, None of them work.

The mods have been tested and are working correctly for the campaign.

still not working for me. is there a trick to getting them to work?

Same, mods haven’t worked for me for the past few months.