Hero's Hour Cheats and Trainer for Steam

it doesnt work please update!

Game crashes out when selecting map choices while using the Trainer Completely unusable in it’s current state

Doesn’t do anything in the game.

Can @Chris give more clarification in what situation these cheats are working for him?

I see you mention that it’s working in campaign, which this game doesn’t have apart from a testmap, is this testmap the only applicable mode?

I’ve not seen any other mods on here with so many comments saying the same thing (it’s not working) with only one person saying it is…

All I did was start a new game in single-player mode.

I did the same, even tried running everything in admin mode and off. Still nothing when in a single player game. It’s weird. I do have the premium edition if that matters.

Don’t have the premium edition but also just starting a normal game and running wemod Nothing happens.