Hex Editing Skyrim Explained Here (Others Input Is Welcome)

[size=14]I have been messing with Hex Editing Skyrim. I’ve learned that most items are easy to edit.

NOTICE: You may or may not get the same Hex Codes as posted here in Hex Workshop.

Then there is some items that are tricky to understand how to edit. I was trying to replace a ring with another ring. Ring of Recovery. The problem I was faced with was trying to find out where to add a 4 into the Hex Code. Ring of Recovery PC Code = [/size]00 10 0E 5C. I put the editing aside for a while and just played the game a little and got an idea to buy an enchanted ring from a NPC and check it out in Hex Workshop. I chose Ring of Minor Knight and got this code 00 50 0E 0B. I looked up the ring online at this website under the Gameplay Information>Items>Articles on Enchanted Items>Generic Magic Apparel section and found the PC Code Version which is 00 10 0E 0B.[size=14] Notice how the 1 is in the PC Version and in the XBOX Version there is a 5. Now I took the Ring of Recovery code from the website 00 10 0E 5C and added 4 into the the 1, so that changes the code to 00 50 0E 5C. Replaced my gamesave.dat file and loaded my game on my XBOX 360 and found the Ring of Recovery in the Barrel next to my gold instead of Ring of Minor Knight that I had bought from the NPC.

NOTICE: Not all the codes from the PC Version are the same as the XBOX Version. The Oghma Infinium for one has different codes.

would u no the code for Oghma Infinium for xbox ?

I think this might be the code I am not 100% on this
XBOX Version: Oghma Infinium Book = 00 42 28 F1

thanks man ill try it :smile:

Here are a bunch of codes hope it helps :smile: Item Codes:[details=Open Me] Console Item Codes (Skyrim) - The Elder Scrolls Wiki

All Possible Player Mods : [details=Open Me]Console Commands (Skyrim) - The Elder Scrolls Wiki[/details]

I got the code from my game. Turns out I had it on my book shelf.

Here is the Code : Oghma Infinium = 00 41 A3 32

I reapplied the amount I had to 100. I read one book and the rest are just books. They don’t give anymore free levels. But I guess there’s always the Glitch with the book shelf.

can you use hex edit to mod your hp limit?

yes click the link for player mods in my first post

Currently I don’t have the knowledge to Hex any stats or attributes for the Xbox Version. You’d have to buy a PC Copy and use it to do that.

haha sorry i forgot to add tht u need a PC game for player mods fail :smile:

ohk so if i do the book code it wont give me free skills coz i cant remember if i had read the book or bypassed it lol

haha ok thanks guys guess im outta luck

you could always use a slightly modded save then drop modded stuff if you want to play legit?

so yer if i do the hex code for that book will i get the free skills or not coz i dont remember reading it or getting it lol

it depends on the par set you enter but tht can only be done on PC

Sunday I will work on a way to hex edit amount of perk points available to spend. I think I have a good starting point but it may take me a while.

Also I will see if I can’t find magicka/health/stamina. I think that one will be much more difficult.

I don’t have the PC version and refuse to buy another copy of the game for the sole purpose of modding.

edit: this seems futile. The amount of trial and error involved is staggering!

well this is wat i was gunna do i wag goin 2 get a book from mt invortory n put it in a barrel along with money and grab the book code that u posted n change the hex code that comes up n yer hope fully that book is in the barrel n i can do the skill glitch lol

Do you Maybe Think You Can Hex Edit to Add a Quest to your Questlog? If So CAn you Help Me With it because im Currently Stuck on the main story because Alduin’s Wall Wanted to be a **** and glitch up on me

As of now the time it takes to read through 40,000+ Instances in Hex Workshop I don’t think Hex Editing Quests, Stats, Attributes, Perks is going to happen anytime soon. It will take a lot of trial and error.

Well Damn Then, Im **** out of Luck(Breaks SKyrim disk For the Piece of **** it is).

ive Tried the PC way, The Code dont Work AND when i Get the Save back in the .dat and put back into the 360 save, it dont Work