Hitman 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

changed the gameplay to ‘offline’, cheats still didn’t work and game crash abruptly. (steam)

i have finished the game yesterday with steam original, and almost all option is working fine…

I would love to see Direct X 12 support, it’s very annoying how frame rate drops with DX11. Everything works like a charm, it’s just the FPS.

Some suggestions could be:

  • Infinite throwables
  • Infinite usable (like rat poison, etc.)
  • No tool needed for interact with stuff (being able to interact with stuff that need screwdriver)

Love your trainer!

and you haven’t updated the list for a while lol anyway you could add the trick that freezes enemies :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a problem. When i turn a cheat on it automatically turns off.

I’d like to suggest an “infinite items” cheat, like unlimited coins, wrenches, explosives (a la Cheru), etc.