Hitman 3 Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

Unlimited Ammo, Stealth Mode and One hit Kill does not work, cannot be switched on.

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EDIT: my game version did not match the trainer version. All is well now. Thanks to all.

Hello I have a problem with Hitman 3 Mods, everything works as it should except for 3 cheats, namely Stealth mod,Unlimited Ammo,One hit Kill, these cheats do not work if I try to turn them on they are always automatically turned off (i have purchased game on Epic Games)

All of the cheats are working fine for me. Make sure you have the newest version of the trainer selected.

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I’d love to see a way to disable the timer for timed events.

Game crashes when shooting gun with No Reload

Hi, I think it would be cool if the trainer had an “unlock all” or a “xp multiplier” or something of the sort to be able to get maximum mastery for every level to be able to get every item in the game. It would overall be a great time saver as you wouldn’t have to grind every single mission story and challenge, because they force you to play in a certain way. Hope this becomes a thing, thanks.

Hi Chris, I’m hoping you can help. I just bought the deluxe edition of Hitman 3 but I cant get all the mods to work. What edition do I need to have for them all to work? I am using the latest version, 5/10/21

What isn’t working? I just tried it with the standard version and didn’t have any issues.

I have seen a trainer with Unlimited Items but the trainer hasn’t been updated

can you add Unlimited Items option as it would allow us to do more things like poisonings as there are not a lot of poison in some missions thanks

风灵大神,求求更新一下最新版本吧 :sob:,谢谢你 :sob:

It Looks like epic games has updated the game and it wont work anymore… It wont detect the game.

It still works fine for me. I tested it on the 1st of October after the update. Try launching the game from Epic then alt-tab and click play after it has loaded.

As of an update today (10/27) the game crashes to desktop with Stealth mode enabled as soon as an event takes place in game that would cause suspicion or alert. This wasn’t happening yesterday. This may be specific to one map and mission (Colombia, Santa Fortuna, Embrace of the Serpent). Currently testing other maps / missions to see if the same thing happens.

edit: Seems like this may be a local issue on my side. Game is now freezing without even using the trainer! Please disregard.

pls update Unlimited health, stealth mode, unlimited ammo not working

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Is it possible for the creator of this mod to add an unlimited items mod?

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For hitman you should add a feature where you can give yourself every item and 999 of the stackable ones

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Can we get updates man, Unlimited ammo, Stealth Mode, One Hit Kill, Super Accuracy, and Jam enemies weapons don’t work.

All of these cheats are still working. Did you purchase the game from epic, are you playing Hitman 3 campaign, and which mission?


I am playing the game from the Epic store. Deluxe Edition, with all of the DLC available at this time (4th of December).

When using any cheat that affect firearms, I can’t shoot anymore. Melee attacks still work fine.

Health cheat seem to crash the game when I take damage that should kill me, if I stand under a falling chandelier for instance. Although this one may be unrelated to the cheats as the game seem somewhat unstable to begin with.