Hitman 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

works flawlessly on the latest freelancer mode
thing is, a small request:
we need a mercers cheat (money) for freelancer mode
please and thankyou!


Has anyone experienced a corrupted save on epic? Played for a few hours yesterday, and today it asked me to sync my save to the cloud (the cloud copy was from a few hours earlier). and afterwards my game wont launch anymore. I can get to the launcher, but after pressing play, it just opens epic again.

Tried verifying game files, Settings the options to default and restarting my PC. But non of it helps

@Infectiis Maybe try locally deleting the latest save (I think Epic Hitman 3 saves to C:\Users"your user"\AppData\Roaming\IO Interactive\Epic) which is probably corrupted, and then try launching the game while offline? You’ll lose progress, if it works, but at least the game might run

Also, a Mercer cheat would be really awesome! :pleading_face: :pray:

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Fortunately, launching the game from the hitman.exe executable in the game directory worked, instead of through epic.

Still works great with the latest big update. But as others have said, any chance of a Mercers cheat / mod? Something to take the edge off of the grind!

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Can I make a request here? a toggle between slow mode (maybe 0.2/0.5x speed) and normal speed other than the bar of set game speed

As a request, I agree with those who would like to see a Merces mod. The grinding and the rng from the vault is getting a bit out of hand XD


Most of it still works perfectly after Freelancer update.
Also could you please add Merces and XP for Freelancer in the mods?

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I too would like to throw my hat in and suggest two new cheats due to Freancer. First, a cheat to add merces would be great. Not infinite merces, but a cheat where you can add a custom amount in multiples of either 100 or 1000. Second, there should be an XP multiplier of… say, 2x or 3x. Primarily to make the Freelancer grind less massive, but it could also be used for things like Mastery levels in the standard game.

A Sniper Assassin variant would also be helpful for unlocking that insanely difficult to unlock sniper rifle in the Siberia sniper map.


Game is crashing in freelancer mode with stealh mode activated. Please fix it.

Update for this set of trainers for the Freelancer update would be awesome. Thanks!

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Freelancer mode. Unlimited Ammo works fine for most things but some items when picked up will cause a crash. Also, Unlimited Health crashes the game when you take damage. Please update.


Died multiple times while using unlimited health. Seems to make me tougher than normal but not invincible as it would suggest.

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possible to update with unlimited items?

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Hi there. Can you pleas add an XP-multiplicator with the options 2x, 5x and 10x.
Pleas add it!
And thanks for the other cheats

can we get an update for the freelancer game mode


Love the cheats for this game! Excellent credit to the developer.

May I suggest a few updates?

  1. One hit kill should not apply to tranq guns - currently when active, the dart kills on impact, rather than sedating or poisoning the intended target.
  2. All exits active - there are no requirements to use a mission exit (Car key, disguise, crowbar, etc.)
  3. Target highlighter (For arcade and freelancer) - this gives a red outline to the target to be eliminated to make the arcade a bit easier. And perhaps another colour outline for freelancer assassin’s and lookouts.
  4. XP multiplier - Freelancer is extremly long. Would be nice to level up a bit quicker.
  5. Autocomplete Prestige objective - would not be a toggle cheat, but a press-for-effect where the freelancer prestige objective is auto completed, allowing the player to avoid the risk of failing the freelancer campaign when on hardcore mode.

Please do not consider these as criticism for omitted cheats. I personally adore what you have created to date.


Use the Jam enemy weapons option - avoid the damage in the first place.

These are actually great suggestions!