Homeworld Remastered Collection (Remastered 1/2) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Is there a big update on the game recently?
This MOD is currently unavailable and cannot be enabled while playing yesterday. Could you update it? Thank you.


yeah the trainer is definitely broken, it broke when the game got updated. I watched it happen exiting the game and relaunching after updating. Cant wait for the fix, woot!!!

How unfortunate. cant get a single option to activate either. i had no clue they were still updating the game but then i also had no idea a HW3 was in the works. Lol. I do hope this get some sort of fix, i wana jump through the game so i can re experience the lore again.

I though I was going nutters for a moment there! The buttons kept boucin’ back to the off position. Very annoying really. Does anyone know if the old school hacks through persist files still works?

Same here! Just wanna play through and get to the story. Not keen on having my butt handed to me cause I am out of RUs.

I can confirm that this trainer is currently awaiting update. and has been placed in line, its rather far back position 19 last i checked, but at least we know a fix is coming.

The Homeworld Remastered Collection cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements


Something is wrong with god mode in the game, im not sure exactly what is going on, but i am still losing ships with god mode on. i lost a couple resource collectors, then an interceptor, then an assualt frigate, and a couple more interceptors. something is definitely not right here.

I’m trying to use the trainer, and although i hear the activation sound it doesn’t show as activated in WeMod

It was working before the update (except Instant Construction)

Any way i can download the previous version of the trainer?

There is an Epic version of Homeworld Remastered that was free on the Epic games Store a couple weeks ago. Need a trainer.

I use only money cheat and it works perfectly. Thanks.

even with the new update yesterday i just lost 3 wings of interceptors on the sarem mission. this seems to be occurring on ships that arent currently selected by the player. this is indicating that the god mode cheat is not functioning as intended. I have also lost resource collectors too, this is pretty frustrating.

ive noticed it as well, small strike craft like fighters corvettes, collectors get hit by say destroyer guns and the like, seem to get overwhelmed and die anyway; its like the invincibility got toned down leaving a vulnerable spot for specific levels of firepower. once lost my entire force of salvage corvettes trying to grab a destroyer squad

Steam Homeworld Remastered v2.302.

If activating WeMod trainer the game will start to bug. What I have seen so far:

  • The ships will stop targeting and firing on enemies.
  • The build controls will not show on screen when pressing the button.
  • Mission objectives will not show as done even when they are done.

Also the trainer could use a seventh trainer function - turn of the dynamic scaling difficulty in the game that controls the starting force on each mission. Thanks! :smiley:

any plans to make one for the epic games version?

I know it has been a few years, but the 2019 build of the Homeworld Remastered cheats did indeed function for the GOG version of the game, with the exception of the instant build cheat. I have found a Cheat Engine trainer that successfully does this, but I cannot run it alongside the cheats from WeMod Infinity. Is there someone I could send the cheat engine trainer to who could implement the instant build command into the 2019 build of the Homeworld Remastered cheats and have it released as a GOG build?

Instant build does not work