Horizon | Halo 4 Game Types!

Halo 4 is the eighth Halo game (including the Halo CE remake) and the fifth on the Xbox 360. Halo 4 begins a new trilogy of games called the The Reclaimer Trilogy, following the protagonist John-117 (Master Chief) of the original Halo trilogy.

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1. Start by moving a Halo 4 gametype.

Example: MLG FFA v1, from your HDD (Xbox 360) to a USB.

2. Open your Device in the Device explorer in Horizon.

Note: Make sure to format your device to work with your Xbox 360 and Horizon.

(How to format your device to work with your Xbox and Horizon)

[details=Open Me]• From your dashboard go to System Settings>Storage and locate your USB Storage Device.

• Once you have chosen your USB Storage Device, it should give you two options.

Option 1: Configure Now

Option 2: Customize

• Select Option 1 ( Configure Now )

Note: Make sure you have moved any Game Saves, Profiles back to your HDD before Configuring!

• Once you successfully configured your Device a message should pop up.

• Your device is now ready to be used with your Xbox 360 and Horizon!


3. Once done open your “Game Folder” select your Game Save.

And select:

Once you successfully opened the save, the editor should automatically open up.


Here you can choose to edit the amount of score it takes to win a game, or lives per round, as well as how many rounds.

Note: If the [C] is selected, it means you can manually type in a custom amount as opposed to the amount the game limits you to. If [C] is not selected, we only show you the default value.


You can edit the loadouts/traits for both Humans and Flood here.


Here you can edit the settings that are inside the game.
For example, you can edit if Headshots have bonus points.

Edit the amount to your pleasing.

Simple as that. Mess around with settings, make sure you’re comfortable with what you see.

General Settings

Here you can edit player and map traits, basically you can choose to either let other players switch teams, have friendly fire etc.

As for the map traits, you can choose Whether or not players use default map weapons or personal loadouts!

Reminder: You can also edit the option to make vehicles invincible or not, your choice.

Team options

You are also given the option to change the primary, and secondary color for that chosen team!

Example: I have chosen the red team.

Open Me

Same goes for the secondary color override!

Respawn Settings

The respawn settings allows you to edit the amount of time the player takes to respawn after death, or suicide, as well as the amount of time added for constant death or suicide.

Reminder: You can also edit the amount of penalty time the player is given for either betraying or committing suicide.


During the course of War Games simulations and Spartan Ops, drop pods can deploy ordnance into the field. Once on the ground, these pods are marked on the heads-up displays of all nearby personnel who can then acquire the weapons or power-ups for use against enemies. In some simulated matches within War Games, Spartans can earn and manually call in their own ordnance drops.

Initial ordnance: Whether or not an ordnance is dropped in the beginning of the match.

Random ordnance: Whether or not ordnance drop at random.

The shortest and longest amount of time that the infinity drops an ordnance!

Ordnance substitutions: Weapon substitution settings.

Personal ordnance: Whether or not the player can have a personal ordnance.

Base player traits

Here you can edit shields and health, weapons and damage, equipment, movement, and appearance.

Shields and Health

Shields and health: edit the amount of shield multiplier, as well as the amount of health.

Example: select the check mark, once done edit the amount to your pleasing.

Weapon and Damage

Weapons and Damage: Edit the amount of damage multiplier, as well as what starting weapons you spawn with.

You can also change what primary weapon and secondary weapon the player spawns with.

Note: You can also edit the amount of ammunition for the starting weapons!


Equipment: here you can edit the range that your radar can detect, as well as armor ability’s, and more!

Simply select the on the option you wish to change, once done edit the amount to your pleasing!

Note: you can now edit armor ability’s that where hidden in the real game!


Movement: here you can edit the players speed, sprint usage etc.

Gravity multiplier, allows you to edit the amount of gravity that’s in the game, the more of the amount the more the gravity, same goes for speed, jump, turn speed modifier.

Reminder: you can also edit the amount of spring usage!

Author Information

Here you can change the authors information.


Now, you can go ahead and change that to your GT!

Reminder: you’re also given the option to change the title of the game type, as well as the description.

Once again, mess around with the editor, make sure you are comfortable with what you see.

Once you modified your saved game to your pleasing, select the move your save back to your HDD in your Xbox360!

Hopefully you enjoyed this tutorial!

Horizon Support
This is the forum to post in if you have any issues.

Horizon Suggestions
This is the forum to post in if you have any suggestions for this editor or other editors you would like to see within Horizon.

nice post bro :smiley:

Nice post. It’s worth noting that hovering over any menu/value will give you the name, and description of it. Some variants may show more menus, some may show less (like Flood has Flood Traits, Alpha Flood Traits, where as Slayer wouldn’t have that).

Some users may also ask why some values aren’t exposed or can’t be changed properly, this may be because it’s controlled by the actual script data in the save (which we’ll be adding support for), though almost all the values we expose should work properly.

Also, it’s worth noting, I just ran the retail Horizon build to find many values like Time Limit (as seen in your picture) are disabled. They shouldn’t be however, they’re actually fully supported on our end. The developer version I run isn’t like that, so it must be a problem with the way it was bundled for release. Expect a quick bug fix soon.

I had no idea you were Eligance. I removed you like 3 months ago.

Mega Helpful! < 3

This is awesome! Great post, will help out the new people definitely!

I was waiting for this :smiley:

I don’t know who locked this thread, but I don’t agree, so I’ve unlocked it. If you’re offering a tutorial for people to learn, I think it should be a two way street, they should be allowed to give you feedback/criticism/points you can add, or inform you of incorrect knowledge.

Anyways, we’ve located the problem with those values not working in the release version. We’re going to be releasing an update tonight with that quick-fix. Also, I just wanted to add, I like the tutorial, it’s nice, but every value you show the users they can edit, are all the uninteresting values. You can do much more interesting things like edit player-scale (size), and model overrides to be a flood in slayer, and looping effects, etc. But you don’t need to add that in the tutorial, I’m assuming this tutorial’s just here to show people how to use the editor. Just thought I’d leave my two cents, and let users know there’s much more interesting things than what’s shown.

I’m aware that I left a few things out, thanks for reminding me. I’ll update this thread with everything there is to know about the new editor. I hope everyone enjoyed the tutorial, took me a while to make.

The tutorial itself is good. There’s no real need to add every interesting value you can mod to it. I just thought it’s worth mentioning there’s much more interesting values so users don’t think the editor is less powerful than it really is. What’s important is that you mentioned how to make proper use of all the different value types though, so users will know how to edit all the different values in there.

We’ll be expanding on this editor in the (likely near) future, so at some point this tutorial will need some updating. But yeah, good stuff!

In the next tutorial update, would you be a dear and explain the Strings tab? I tried using it, and it didn’t work for me. :anguished:

Fantastic for a basic tutorial, though! It helped tremendously!

Strings tab was just added two days ago. What exactly did you do that didn’t work? You should be using the first drop box to select the table you want to edit, and the strings should populate in the list. You select a string, and then type the new name into the textbox and hit “Set” or “Set All Languages” to set for all languages.

If you did that, it’s possible you thought the string was used for something else it wasn’t used for. I used it to edit team names it and worked perfectly. If you were editing the table “Category Strings”, that should just contain the string indicating what category the gamesave belongs in (like Slayer, King of the Hill, etc), it uses this and another value we’ll be adding shortly, to sort the gametype in your gametype list catalog. Description strings would contain the original variant categories description (if it’s a slayer variant, it should say “Kill enemies, get ordnance, etc.”), and if you edit it, you should see the changes in the start menu in game.

If you hadn’t done that, that’s what you should do, and if you have, maybe now you’ll know a bit about the strings you were editing, but if I didn’t answer your question, that should do it.

If that could be added to the tutorial down the line, it would be appreciated, along with a description of where you’d see certain values reflect changes or what they actually are in the string table.

What happens is I try to modify the strings and input my own categories (For example, I make classic Infection games rather than Flood, so I tried making an Infection category) none of the changes are applied. Another concern; when I try to change the Category Icon of a gametype (For example, changing it to the Shield) my entire gametype file gets corrputed and won’t show up. Anything I’m doing wrong?


FIrstly thanks very much for the guide, it’s awesome! :thumbsup:

Ok on to the real point of my post, I have edited all the values on one of my halo 4 game-types but as soon as I connect the usb back to my xbox 360 the file then becomes corrupt. Could this be down to the fact that I am editing the values wrong, if so could you pm me your skype and help me out please (beginner right here :smirk: )?

If that is not he problem then I would really appreciate if you could help me get to the bottom of it, or even better edit the game variant for me, I’m trying to make as close to halo 3 mlg settings as I can get.

If your save is corrupting then something could be wrong with the editor itself and maybe a developer has made a small mistake or hasn’t had the problem occur for them and so they don’t know what they are looking at. If this is the case you will have to post a report [b]here[/b]. When doing so make sure to upload a copy of your save to either [b]MEGA[/b] or [b]MediaFire[/b] and explain that when using the editor it’s corrupting your save. Explain all of the individual values you are changing in which is causing the problem and the developers will look at your save and see if something needs to be added to the tool to ensure nobody else receives this problem.

Before doing this, could you try individually modding each value so one at a time, then try and see if you can identify the exact value which is causing the problem.

Great Idea, will get on this first before I make a post.


It is corrupting as a soon as I change anything within the game type, tried this with various other game types and getting the same result?


The link to my modified file, I have tried everything and would appreciate help on this asap?

Thank you.

Thanks for this! Very helpful

Can someone help with my problem please?