Horizon: Halo Reach GameSave

sick can’t wait!

So you could do this with horizon with no JTAG SWEET REALLY PUMPED FOR IT NOW!

Saw you post this on GameTuts a few days ago, you sparked my interest and now you’re making me want diamond. Haha, can wait though.

Dammit When are diamonds getting their Beta testing approved or what ever i wanna beat legendary on solo now :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Sweet cant wait!!

I think its stupid that it is diamond only, greedy people.

Looks cool! How can I get this?

I never posted this on Gametuts? Can you pm me a link please.

i saw this video on gametuts also

Oh sorry, I seem to have messed up the names, the video was posted but it wasn’t you.
My bad lol…

This video has been posted nearly every where and then some…Tho thanks for sharing again :smile:

Oh never mind Eazy B posted it.

Well its my video and I have not posted it anywhere so I didnt really know that.

It’s worth paying for what you get… Trust me

^ True, but the best things in life are free :stuck_out_tongue: Ok jk, but it would be nice, even though I know its only a matter of time before I give in and buy it :confused:

i want this so bad xD

game-tuts is full of 12 year old children. dont ask for credit or anything. theyre children.

not really…paying for mods that can possibly get you banned is just retarded and a waste of money. Also, if diamond membership was $10 one time payment for lifetime I’d get it. I hate the f**king subscribtion plans for it.

getting diamond in a week :smiley: im so pumped for this and the new horizon :smiley: