Horizon | How to mod Bioshock Infinite!

How to mod Bioshock Infinite with Horizon!

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1. To start, move your save file(s) (there should be multiple) from your HDD, to a USB flash drive, and then plug said USB into your computer, and open Horizon if it is not already open. (Note: If Horizon does not recognize your USB or is not functioning correctly, be sure to run it as administrator and that your Anti-Virus and Firewall are not preventing it from reaching our servers. For more on troubleshooting, reference this thread:Horizon Support | Ultimate Help Thread

2. With your USB device plugged in, go to ‘Device Explorer’, then (if it is being read correctly) click on the sub-section called ‘Games’. Once the games section is open, you will see Bioshock Infinite with a green orb next to it, click this tab as well, and it will fold down showing you all of your stored save game files. Select one (you will have to determine which is your most recent and which one is the best to modify. See my notes at the end of this thread) and hit the ‘Mod’ button on the top of the Device Explorer.

3. You will now have the Bioshock Infinite editor open. You will be presented with the following 3 tabs:

The first is ‘Player’, where you can modify your Silver Eagles, lock picks, Weapon Ammo, Infusions, Vigors, and Vigor Upgrades.

The second tab is ‘Gears’, where you can unlock and apply any and all Gear you may find in the game, as well as some that are hidden, and select where you would like to apply them.

The third and final tab is ‘Gears Info’, which is a description of all the gears that can be unlocked in the prior tab.

4. Once you’re finished modding to your liking, hit save, , and move your USB back to your Xbox. If you did not have it on your USB and loaded it from another specified folder, simply go over to Device Explorer, hit “Inject New File”, , select your save, than hit OK. That button is up near the top:

1.) When modifying your save, it will not be easy to distinguish off-hand which is the best for the following reasons: You need to ensure it is the correct save that you want to modify, and they are not readily time stamped to show which is most recent. (I personally try to keep track on my coins, lock picks, and ammo to ensure I’m picking the correct save). You must also keep in mind to modify weapon ammo and infusions, you must have collected that weapon at least once before, and have collected at least a single infusion (regardless of what you spent it on).

2.) With Gears, unlocking all of them (especially the hidden ones) may cause issues with the game functioning correctly. I have personally run into issues with this at the initial release of the tool, and it will not load certain dialogues or characters correctly, which will make it impossible to finish the game. You will then have to revert back to an unmodified (or less modified) save to continue past that point.

And that about sums it up! This was my first go at this, and I want to clarify I used the same template and certain steps as Hero and Pavman, and to keep things consistent I used their format for this thread, and in no way do I take credit for it.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, post below or feel free to contact me directly via wall post or PM.

How do you set unlimited ammo?

There is no way currently to set unlimited ammo.

However, you can max out your silver eagles, and go to a dollar bill frequently to purchase ammo as often as needed.

I think you should change the warning/note regarding modding Infusions. Currently it reads that all you need is one, but experimenting with Horizon and certain save files shows you must have at least one in each of the three categories (Salt, Health, Shield).

My original version of this post was asking if I’d been doing something wrong, but upon finding my most recent save file - indicated by having just gotten Murder of Crows - the Infusions for Salt and Shield (which I’d already had one of each for) remained where I’d left them.

I’ve got to double check the game to see if it’s going to recognize them, though, because when I had loaded that particular save earlier I swear it only showed 3 upgrades to Salt and nothing in Shield or Health.

Quick Question, can you get banned for doing this?

I have personally tested the Infusions with a few different saves, and have only ever needed but one. If you find out otherwise, feel free to send me your save file and I can see what I can do and edit my tutorial if needed.

There is always a chance of being banned with any form of modding, but being as this is simple save modding, the chances are slim to none. You will be fine.

I tried to Google it before replying, but couldn’t find a way to actually grab the save file off of my USB stick. Didn’t find a way to do it with Horizon, either. Is there some specific program I need to copy a save file off of it?

Horizon has a built-in device manager to manage your saves and even modify them right from your device…

A tutorial on how to use the Device Manager can be found below.

Horizon | Device Manager

You can use Horizon to do this. Plug your USB drive into your PC, open up Horizon and it should open up in the device explorer:

If it doesn’t close Horizon and run it again as administrator, that should do the trick.

From there open up the “games” tab on the device explorer and look for Bioshock Infinite, open that corresponding tab and search for the gamesave you’re looking for.

Then click the “extract selected file” option after highlighting the save , and extract it to a place of your desire on your PC, (desktop would be a good and simple place). Then upload via mega.co.nz or mediafire, simple. :thumbsup:

If you need further help, feel free to PM me.

Only way you can get unlimited ammo is if you have a Jtag / RGH and use a trainer.

Nice work btw @Revurt
Thanks for making this tut!

Excellent tutorial, Revurt. Unfortunately I cannot use Horizon, so I won’t be subscribing to Diamond.


Is there any specific reason why? I’m sure myself, or one of the Horizon Pro’s would be more than happy to help get Horizon up and running for you! :smiley:

Don’t worry about it, I’m fully aware of the reason. :smile: Thanks for your concern though!

I can’t seem to add any of the gear. I am able to mod the other items like infusions and money, but if I try to add any of the gear, Elizabeth disappears. I have tried adding a single piece of gear at a time, and only using regular, non dlc gear. Please help.

Also, when I save after editing my save, it almost doubles the size of my save game. Is that normal? Thanks.

As I stated in the thread, enabling gear can have many adverse effects. I will contact unknown again on the matter.

The best thing I’ve found is to continue past the point you are having issues with and add the gear after that point to see if it still has the same effect.

And yes, save size will be altered. It just depends on what point you are in the game, unlocks, and other progress.

I tried to do my Bio save and when i go to continue game, all i see is a black screen. I can shoot and use all the stuff. Just cant see anything?

Sorry new to all this. Anyone know how far you need to be in the game before doing this? or how much is too much on some of the attributes? thanks for the help. Stuck at moment.

Does anyone know what the max values are for the ammo, silver eagles, and lockpicks?

does anyone know what the ammo settings are for this?

What all have you modified in this save? Have you tried playing through this specific section without any modifications to the save file, then saving and adding your desired gear, lock picks, etc.?

I can get you a definite answer on this once I get home from work. I apologize for the late response to both of these questions.

Need help.After modding my save and loading it I get nothing but a black screen.I can see my weapon shadow and i can do everything else but screen is completely dark.