Horizon | How to Mod Crysis 2!

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1. Start by moving your Profile from your HDD (Xbox 360) to a USB.

(How to move your Profile to a USB from your HDD)

[details=Open Me]Reminder: I am using a Halo 4 Game Save as and example.

• From your dashboard go to System Settings, Storage, once done locate “Hard Drive”

• Scroll down till you find your Profile

• Once you have selected your Profile, locate and select “Move”

Example: Profile

• It should give you the option to select another device, make sure to move the save to your USB, once done it should look something like this.

• Make sure your Profile moved successfully to your device.


2. Open your Device in the Device explorer in Horizon

Note: Make sure to format your device to work with your Xbox 360 and Horizon.

(How to format your device to work with your Xbox and Horizon)

[details=Open Me]• From your dashboard go to System Settings>Storage and locate your USB Storage Device.

• Once you have chosen your USB Storage Device, it should give you two options.

Option 1: Configure Now

Option 2: Customize

• Select Option 1 ( Configure Now )

Note: Make sure you have moved any Game Saves, Profiles back to your HDD before Configuring!

• Once you successfully configured your Device a message should pop up.

• Your device is now ready to be used with your Xbox 360 and Horizon!


3. Once done open your “Profile Folder” select your Profile, hit the mod tab, and select

Reminder: The editor should load in a matter of seconds, be patient.


General Rank XP: Here you can edit the amount of XP you currently have in your ‘Rank Progress’

Power Ability XP: Here you can edit the amount of Power Ability XP you have, with this you can unlock more Power Ability for your Armor.

Example: Threat Tracer III, Proximity Alarm III, Armor Enhance III etc.

For each Ability there is an upgrade.

Open Me

Armor Ability XP: Here you can edit the XP for your Armor Ability’s.

Example: Armor, Sprint, Power Jump, Invincibility!

Stealth Ability XP: Here you can edit your Stealth Ability, Stealth Ability’s enhance a players stealth abilities such as suppressing the sounds of a players footsteps or enabling him to go under the radar!

Example: Visor Enhance

I. Highlights enemies through weapon scopes.

II. Provides protection against flash bang grenades.

III. Reduces energy cost of Nano Vision.

Note: You can max out all the XP by selecting:


Modules can enhance certain aspects of the players abilities or even give new skills.

Power: Here you can edit the amount of Power Modules (Weapons)

Example: Side Pack (Allows an additional magazine of primary ammunition to be carried)

Weapon Pro (Faster weapon reloading)

Aim Enhance (Decreases weapon recoil when aiming down sights)

Armor: Here you can edit the amount of Armor Modules (Suit)

Example: Air Stomp (Perform a powerful downwards attack when in the air)

Proximity Alarm (Automatic warning when an enemy is nearby)

Armor Enhance (Reduces drain speed of energy in Armor mode)

Stealth: Here you can edit the amount of Stealth Modules (Armor/Surroundings)

Example: Stealth Endurance (Faster transition in and out of stealth)

Covert Ops (Suppresses the sound of footsteps)

Jammer (Scrambles the radar of enemies within a 10m range)

Reminder: For each Module there is and upgrade!

Note: Select to max out all Modules (Max amount 100)


Dog Tags: Here you can edit the amount of Dog Tag’s that you have.

Note: Dog tags enable you to customize the facade you show other players when they’re checking out your profile

Max Amount: 64

Class: Here you can unlock and edit Classes.

Example: Assault, Scout, Sniper, Demolitions, Defence.

Max Amount: 5

Weapon: Here you can unlock all the weapons in Crysis 2 (Online)

[details=Open Me]1. C4

2. DSG-1 (Sniper Rifle): This firearm has a 8 (+1) shot magazine but has been upgraded to a semi-automatic in Crysis 2.

3. Feline (Submarine Gun): This SMB firearm is a bullpup with a 60 (+1) round magazine that is very similar to the real life assault rifle FN F2000.

4. Fists (Standard Melee only)

5. Frag Grenade (Explosive): A change to the Frag Grenade from Crysis 1 is that you can now throw it whilst holding a weapon in the other hand. The launch reticule mirrors that of the L-TAG but flipped upside down.

6. Grendel (Assault Rifle): This powerful gun is a 30-round 3-shot battle rifle resembling the Magpul Masada. Although this gun contains a thicker barrel and larger magazine.

7. Hammer (Sidearm): This sidearm is a Heavy Semi-Automatic Pistol with a 9 (+1) rounds per magazine.

8. JAW Rocket Launcher: This Rocket Launcher features only a single round. Aim carefully!

9. Jackal (Shotgun): The Jackal is a Semi-Automatic Shotgun with a 7 (+1) round box magazine.

10. K-Volt (Submarine Gun): This firearm is an Electric Pellet SMG, similar in visual style to the TDI Vector.

11. Knife (Stealth Kills only)

12. L-TAG (Grenade Launcher): This weapon is a 6-shot Heavy Weapon that resembles the M79 Grenade Launcher.

13. M12 Nova (Sidearm): This looks to be based on the SOCOM from Crysis 1. It features a 20 (+1) round magazine, which is quite large.

14. Majestic Pistol (Sidearm)

15. Marshall (Shotgun): This pump-action firearm is based on the previous game’s Shotgun from Crysis 1.

16. Mk60 (Heavy Weapon): This Machine Gun was revealed in the Multiplayer demo and looks to resemble the M60E4.

17. Mounted Machine Gun (Detachable Heavy Weapon): This detachable gun resembles the 20mm Machine Gun from the spin-off game, Crysis Warhead.

18. SCAR (Assault Rifle): SCAR is the short form of “Mk.20 Superior Combat Assault Rifle”. This powerful gun can hold up to 40 (+1) rounds in one magazine. The SCAR is the standard Assault Rifle of this game’s military.

19. Smoke Grenade

20. X-43 Microwave Induced Klystron Emitter[/details]

Weapon Attachments

Here you can unlock Weapon Attachments and use them for each of your Weapons!

Laser Sight: Allows for greater accuracy when firing from the hip by projecting a thin red laser.

Gauss attachment: It uses electromagnetic fields to accelerate a skirted projectile to hypersonic velocities, minimizing bullet drop and defeating most kinds of armor by sheer kinetic force

Light Shotgun: It is a small shotgun attachment that is put on the underside of an assault rifle, allowing it to shoot shotgun shells.

Grenade Launcher attachment: It is a device that is put on the underside of a gun, allowing Rifle grenades to be fired.

Reflex Sight: It is a small device that is put on the top of a gun and has a small red dot in its center.

Assault Scope: It is a scope that has a large, black crosshair and provides a small zoom when used.

Sniper Scope: It has two zoom modes; 4x and 10x.

Silencer: It completely silences all of the gunfire from a weapon

Decoy: It emits a life-like hologram of a hostile soldier that will run through the battlefield, attracting gunfire.

Extended Clip: It increases a weapon’s magazine capacity by roughly 50%. It is available both in singleplayer and multiplayer.

Note: To max out all the Weapon attachments, simply select

Once you edited everything to your pleasing, select the tab.

Move your Profile back to your HDD, and your done, enjoy Horizon!

[details=Open Me]Thanks to the following for making this happen.


Unknown v2


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It’s good that someone explains some of these editors. Even to experienced eyes, some of them make little sense at first.

Ok so I’m pretty sure I’ve followed your step by step to modify my crysis 2 profile - but when I try to open it I get “profile settings for this game does not exists, you must first play the game” - something to that effect… I have played the game and I can pull up the save editor and see all the different settings, but they never seem to work. So I tried going this route (profile editor) and I can’t even get my profile open to attempt to use the tool.
I’ve moved my entire profile over to the USB Drive - then opened my profile using Horizon, and selected MOD Profile using the Crysis 2 Online - and thats when I’m unable to go any further. Please Help - Yes I am “diamond” member - so that should be good…
Thank you.

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