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1. Move your ForzaProfile from your HDD to a USB from your Xbox 360.

2. Open your USB in the device Explorer from Horizon (Download Link Here)

3. Open your “Game Folder” locate the game “Forza Horizon” hit the mod tab, and locate and hit

4. The editor will Open up.

5. Edit the XP, Level, Credits to whatever you desire.

Note: To reduce the risk of Ban mod as many credits as you want, stay offline, and buy all the stuff you want.

That would be the safest method

6. This is how is should look when you edited either your XP, Level, Credits.

Note: To be on the safe side you can add small amounts of Credits, XP, Level a day.


When you hit the “Garage” Tab it should look like this:

When you hit the option “Add all unicorn cars” it will unlock all the Unicorn cars for you!

Hit the “Add all secret cars” and it does what it exactly says!

Note: It is normal for the “Secret” cars to be incomplete pictures instead of showing the entire car since they are NPC-only cars and don’t have any actual thumb image.

Hit the tab, move your ForzaProfile back to your HDD, and your done. enjoy Horizon!

[size=30]Forza Horizon Screenshot editor[/size]

1. Start by loading your Forza Horizon Screenshot file into the Screenshot editor.

The picture should show up.

If you want a copy of the car simply hit once done ‘Save’ it.

If you want to replace the car with a photo of your own simply hit

You should get a message saying it injected correctly.

Once you have injected, click at the top, enjoy Horizon!

Horizon Support
This is the forum to post in if you have any issues.

Horizon Suggestions
This is the forum to post in if you have any suggestions for this editor or other editors you would like to see within Horizon.

Another great TUT thanks. I cant wait for this game to come out.

Is diamond required?


The forza demo doesnt even save a profile when i play it. So how am i supposed to edit it? :confused:

This is not intended for the forza horizon demo. This tool is intended for people that have the game.

Is the game even out yet?

It is released on the 23rd of October, so be ready :wink:

I cant download horizon, did have, now says it is not a valid win32 application- Help

Will the forza horizon credit mod, when i mod it will it give the me the credits to purchase things online with free roam and single player?


You can add as many credits you want, and you can buy anything that is obtainable with credits.

is there a race at the beginning you have to do, after the first race, is there a moment when you can just go, so straight away can i just pause, save and then edit. 500 million credits and go back and play.

All you have to do is move your forza profile, open it up in the forza horizon tool.

Change the credits to your pleasing, save by hitting the save tab. And your done :smile:!

Money that you earn in single player, will you be able to spend online or are single players a multiplayer different?

There the same.

Would be nice to have a car adder :smile:.

I am sure its multiplayer as well as single player, you can add how ever much credits you want just not much, so you can buy anything that is obtainable with credits.

Yeah, what would you give to start with and can you buy any car from one garage, or is there different garages for different manufactuers, thanks

When i try and open my save file in horizon for forza horizon it says "error Forza:livery data has been tampered with …? Can you help ?

Thanks for the tutorial Hero!
OT: When does Halo 4 come out?

Re-download from here.