Horizon | How to Mod Gears of War 3 Rank to 100, Unlocks Skins, and More!

Gears of War 3 Rank 100 Modding Tutorial

For the Stats Editor
A Diamond Subscription, you can Upgrade here: xboxmb.com/diamond
You need both your Player Data and the profile associated with it.

Step 1: First you are going to open up Horizon and plug your usb drive in.

Step 2: Now you are going to go into the Device Explorer, go to games and click on Gears of War 3 and the double click on player data for your profile.

This screen should pop up.

You may get some errors when opening this. If you do plug your usb back into you xbox, and start up Gears 3 to update your player data.

Step 3:To edit your kills with certain weapons you need to go to the weapons tab and change the Executions to Versus, Campaign, Horde, or Beast, depending on what you want to edit. When your done just go online and get a kill while the weapons stats you modded and it should stick.

To edit your K/D ratio you need to put your kills with the weapon to the number you want, and the Deaths Holding with the weapon to a lower number.

Step 4:If you Max out all the versus mode stats there is a chance of your xbox freezing while playing online. This has happened to me many times, so I would only mod the values to a certain extent.

Step 5: You can mod your Characters, Mutators, Executions, and Weapon skins.

Step 6:: When your finished click save and you should get this message.

Now just go back to your xbox, plug the usb back in and play a few games to make sure it sticks. Happy modding!

- If your rank keeps getting reset after modding it put your player data back into the editor, select your desired rank and then where it says the experience amount click up and down. Make sure you dashboard before you mod it so it will sync correctly.

- If you get a error saying not a valid file, you need to put the player data back on your xbox, start up Gears of War 3 so the player data updates, then dashboard to make sure it syncs correctly, and then mod it.

Mod your Character and Weapon Skins to DLC and Hidden Items!

Horizon now has the power to let you use hidden characters and weapon skins in-game!

Download Horizon Here:
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nice work and very helpfull thanks

Thanks if anything else should be added just let me know!

A Brain.
Ah crap count me out.:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Job

Awesome, does doing this unlock the corresponding achievements?

Pretty explanatory just by the editors looks, but this is good, and I was waiting for this.

No, Just mod the achievement with a online timestamp

Thats why I left out horde, beast, and weapons because they are really self-explanitory.

Hey theres a problem I cant manually type in the numbers for my rank when i try to typle in the 6th number i cant anymore

Its because the rank you set it to only requires experience with 6 numbers.

Very nice tutorial for those who dont know about maxing all there stats, thanks

that’s why my xbox keeps freezing thanks :smile:

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Good tut.
Thanks (:


your saying that you did like the max out freeze thing but how did you pass from max out to legit i just modded my backup so it’ looking more legit nothing max out and when i sign in it’s still all the maxout setting

Because The only thing i have modded on my main account is my rank, while I max everything out on my second account.

uhhh i don’t wanna get banned on my main account…
but i also don’t want to miss this opportunity. it could be patched soon.


Just mod a little thats all I did on my main account, but I went all out on my second account.

On the main site page, it says Gears 3 is moddable without having to be a diamond member.

so why cant i mod it then…