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Horizon | How to Mod Grand Theft Auto 4!

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1. Move your “Grand Theft Auto 4” Saved Game to a USB from your HDD from your Xbox.

2. Open up your USB in the Device Explorer (Download Horizon Here)

3. Open your “Game Folder” locate the game “Grand Theft Auto 4” hit the mod tab, and select

The “Grand Theft Auto 4” Tool should pop up.


From here you can have Max Health/Armour and almost Unlimited Ammo!

Player Traits

From here you can edit your Money, Health, Armour!

Note: Hit the to Max all Values!

Weapon Slots

From here you can edit your Melee, Sniper, SMG, Handgun Slots from choices of Pump-Shotgun, Micro-SMG, RPG, Grenades!
On the right of that there is an option to edit the Ammo for that specific Gun!

Note: Hit the To max out the Ammo for each gun!

Hit the Save tab, and you done. Enjoy Horizon!

Great tutorial man .

nice. and easy to read

[b]Was there i high demand for people wanting to know how to mod GTA 4?

Might as well make a how to mod thread with each game mod.[/b]

I also made a video tutorial a while back, so some of you can use that as a reference also.
It’s pretty poor as it was made on a whim, but yeah…

The implementation of this sub forum and the threads contained in it is a very clever and great idea. Easy for members needing help with a particular tool to find what they need help with, and it will also be easy to find on search engines if someone types in “How to mod “x” game” therefore attracting more people to the site. It seems like a win/win situation to me and seems better than having a big clusterf**k of a thread, lol.

Nice job guys.

Nice tutorial but why are the buttons black and white?

I feel like they change colors each thread.

They do.

nice tut, but instead of making multiple seperate tutorials, just put it in the “Using the Tools” thread and save up some thread room

Very nice and neat. I will redirect my good friend whom love GTA to this thread.

Can this be done with Horizon offline? After I loaded my game after modding, only my money keeps rising. Health and ammo unchanged.

Yes, since it’s not a Diamond tool.

I also made a video tutorial a while back, so some of you can use that as a reference also.

Hmm so why doesn’t infinite health and ammo work for me?

This game, was a great game :wink:

i seen some people put in this game exra stuff by modding like new cars jets etc i was wondering how to do it

and save up some thread room

I had a question relating to this game. On my Xbox 360, it does not let me transfer any of my GTA IV data on to my external harddrive. It only shows save data for individual missions, but whenever I try to transfer anything, I get a message telling me that I am not able to transfer this data between profiles. I am able to transfer data from other games so I don’t know what’s wrong, any help would be appreciated.

You have to use the same profile that the save is connected to, once done you will be able to move the save.

Example: [details=Open Me]


Nice tutorial, really helped me and i’m sure it helped others too! Thanks!