Horizon | How to Mod GTA V

Trouble taps on your window again with this next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto universe, set in the city of Los Santos and its surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California!

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NOTE: You do not need to be Diamond in order to use this tool!

1. Move your Save from your Storage or HDD to a USB.

Note: Make sure to use the main save and not the (Auto-save)

2. Open Horizon with your USB plugged into your computer. If your USB doesn’t recognize, run Horizon as Administrator!
If you currently do not have Horizon, you can download it here.

3. Locate your save inside the games folder.

And select:

1. Once the editor has successfully loaded with your save, you can edit the amount of Money to either a max, or a custom value of your choice for each playable character. Also, you can max out each skill for every playable character.

Note: Maxing out skills may drastically affect game statistics.


2. Max the amount of money for each character by selecting

Note: You can also max out the amount of ammo, or add all the attachments to each gun.


3. Feel free to to edit each skill for every playable character by selecting the check box.

4. Once you’ve modified your save to your pleasing, click the Save button and you’re done. Eject your USB from your PC and head over to your Xbox, and move your Save back to your HDD or Storage.

If you have any issues with this editor post in the section below, if you have any suggestions please also say.

Horizon Support
This is the forum to post in if you have any issues.

Horizon Suggestions
This is the forum to post in if you have any suggestions for this editor or other editors you would like to see within Horizon.

Any posts such as “Great tutorial!”, “Good tutorial don’t have this game though” etc will be deleted so don’t waste your time creating irrelevant posts, this thread is based on GTA 5 within Horizon.

An A+ for effort!

Thank your for the fast update !!! That is why i am still diamond user !!! A+++

YES YES YES!!! Thanks!

Not sure what happened but when i loaded up the save after modding it, all characters still have the same amount of money they did before!?

Do you have to be a Diamond Member to use this tool?

Nope this tool is free to use :thumbsup:

OP updated! Big thanks to Hero!

the disclaimer for max skills? what happens when you max out your skills?

they get updated to the social club like leaderboards which Rockstar can see and possibly ban you for it.

It just makes a few things excessively high. I just unlinked my GT with social club so there was no worry about anyone seeing it. I’m sure you could probably change those values if you just wanted to grab a hex editor.

I should then assume the money per character does to? And would it not be possible to have all skills maxed legit?

its possible, just takes a while and yeah but what most people said Rockstar is very lenient when it comes to mods especially since its single player but if you are that worried do what Chris said and just unlink your GT from your Social Club account.

Major props to Horizon for making it a free tool. :smile:

hey gamers out their. i know im in the wrong thread but im having issues with horizon. Myhorizon used to run on my computer and i could easily mod mygames and such. the other day i was trying to figure out how to make my thing go to online mode instead of offline mode and accidently uninstalled some net frame work thing or what ever off my computer so now it wont even work. It comes up as an error and says something like can load or horizon has stopped working and windows come up and tryes to locate the problem, but fails to find out the issue. i just recently dowloaded microsoft net framework version 4.5 thinking it would fix the problem that i created. I have tryed running as administrator and reinstalling horizon several times. if you can help me out i would be appreciative. I,m up for someone helping me through team viewer if they will help.=\

I think there’s a few online achievements which require you to be part of a crew, which require you to be signed up to the social club? If I remember right max payne was like that which is when I signed up for the social club.

Choices… Choices… lol

much thanks…

There’s only 1 achievement

Crew Cut (5 points): GTA Online: Complete a Job as a member of a Crew

So just when online comes out link your GT, complete a job then unlink it. Unless they have a group type thing where you group up with people online and and its called crew.

Most likely though you’ll be fine if you mod it since it really isn’t affecting other players or online.

Are you absolutely sure you loaded up your modded save? You need to go to the pause menu, select game and then load the save from whatever storage device you’re using.

this 100% safe to use? i mainly want money tbh i want to level up my skills legitly over the course of the story

You’d only get banned if they thought you were intentionally tampering with the leader board positions. If they did start banning for simple game save edits, then we might as well skip out on the PC release. :laughing: