Horizon | How to Mod Left 4 Dead 2!

Download Horizon!

Go Diamond!

1. Move your “Left 4 Dead 2” User Settings from your HDD to a USB from your Xbox 360

2. Open up your USB in the Device Explorer from Horizon [size=14](Download Horizon Here)[/size]

3. Open your “Game Folder” locate the game “Left 4 Dead 2” hit the mod tab, and locate

The “Left 4 Dead 2” Editor should pop up

All of these Commands will Pop Up. Make sure your File Type is Basically it shows all the Xbox 360 Controller buttons and next to it is what it does when pressed in the Game, you can edit them to your pleasing for example.

bind “A_BUTTON” “++menuAccept;sv_infinite_ammo 1;achievement_unlock_all”

Here is a list of Commands.

[details=Open Me]A Button.

Open Me

bind “A_BUTTON” “++menuAccept;sv_infinite_ammo 1;achievement_unlock_all”

B Button

Open Me

bind “B_BUTTON” “+reload;say Made by Deany95 and LBJDaKing23 of Game-Tuts”

X Button.

Open Me

bind “X_BUTTON” “+use; sv_cheats 1”

Y Button

Open Me

bind “Y_BUTTON” “lastinv”

Left Bumper

Open Me

bind “L_SHOULDER” “give chainsaw”

Right Bumper

Open Me

bind “R_SHOULDER” “sv_gravity 20”

Back Button

Open Me

bind “BACK” “noclip”

Start Button

Open Me

bind “START” “gameui_activate”

Left Analog Stick

[details=Open Me]bind “STICK1” “director_force_panic_even;z_spawn mob;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT”

Right Analog Stick

Open Me

bind “STICK2” "upgrade_add INCENDIARY_AMMO;upgrade_addexplosive_ammo;upgrade_show_explosive_ammo_radius 1"

Up D-Pad

Open Me

bind “UP” “God 1”

Right D-Pad

Open Me

bind “RIGHT” “+attack2;autoaim_max_deflect 0;autoaim_max_dist2160;autoaim_viewing_client 1”

Down D-Pad

Open Me

bind “DOWN” “God 0”

Left D-Pad

Open Me

bind “LEFT” “give rifle_ak47; give grenade_launcher;sv_infinite_ammo 1”


[details=Open Me]bind “S1_DOWN” “+menuDown”
bind “S1_UP” “+menuUp”
bind “L_TRIGGER” “+jump”
bind “R_TRIGGER” “+attack”
joy_cfg_preset “2”
joy_inverty “0”
joy_legacy “0”
joy_movement_stick “0”
joy_pitchsensitivity “-0.8”
joy_yawsensitivity “-2.25”

Hit the tab, Move your save back to your HDD, and your done. Enjoy Horizon!


Isn’t this patched? For online at least?

Online it is patch but solo it isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Great post just like a pro should be posting.

You might want to post a list of Cvars and not premade commands from Deany and LBJDaKing on Game-Tuts.

Cvars list

Great tutorial, Hero! Glad you also took 2FacedDevil’s response into consideration. :smile:

Someone has already tested these commands? Tried here and not had success.

The commands are correctly written.

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I love this thread format, great work!

You must be disconnected from live to work that hack? Or simply select Off line mode on main screen?
The game must be in English interface or any language is supported?
Sorry for Bad English.

I was thinking of doing this. :smile:

I might test out a way later to get these online, I have an idea. :smile:

The commands have been tested and working, and I am sure it supports any language.

How i find the “Game Folder”? Sry but im newby on Modding (with Horizon and Xbox 360)

Once you moved your saved game to a USB from your HDD, open it up in Horizon and you should have a list of folders.

your “Game Folder” locate the game “Left 4 Dead 2” hit the mod tab, and locate once done the editor should pop up.

Then this come out:

I put my usb in my Pc open folder “Games” and click 2x on Left 4 Dead 2 :anguished:

can this mod PC save file?

Do you have to clear the cache for these to work online then?

How come I have left4dead2_cfg_pri.cfg instead of left4dead2_cfg_ss.cfg ?

You’re supposed to have both. Click on the drop down menu and select “left4dead2_cfg_ss.cfg”.

I only have one… :confused: I’ll try deleting my save and playing a game then try again.

Edit- Hmmm, I modded the pri one, and all of the mods are working, I guess it doesn’t matter which I use?

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it comes up black on mine there is nothing there